Khee Recipe

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  • Gulab Seviyan Kheer

    Kheer is much loved dessert in India. It can be made in numerous ways by using different ingredients. Here we bring you one Gulab Sevai Kheer recipe that is very easy to make and served ...

  • Rasiyaw Kheer

    We bring for you the recipe of this special festive dessert that is an essential affair in Chhath celebrations. Referred to as Rasiyaw (or rasia), it is also consumed by the devotees to break their ...

  • Leftover Roti Kheer

    Roti is one of the staple food items of the country and we usually have a couple of them leftover every other day. The next time this happens, try making this creamy and delicious leftover ...

  • Fresh Mango Kheer

    Mango Kheer is super delicious dessert for summer. Add mango pulp to your classic rice kheer and enjoy the tangy and sweet taste of this incredible dessert.

  • Kharbooje ki Kheer

    Muskmelon kheer also known as cantaloupe kheer is a unique Indian sweet dish recipe with rice paste and thick melon pulp cooked together in a creamy milk mixture.

  • Hyderabadi Anjeer Ki Kheer

    About Hyderabadi Anjeer Ki Kheer Recipe: Goodness of fig comes packed in this decadent kheer with saffron, rice and cardamom!

  • Almond and Rose Kheer

    About Almond and Rose Kheer Recipe: A delectable Kheer recipe to relish during the festive season of Holi. Easy, quick and simply delicious, this kheer is made with just a few ingredients such as almonds, ...

  • Red Rice Vermicelli Kheer

    About Red Rice Vermicelli Kheer Recipe: Kheer is the quintessential Indian dessert that is easy to prepare and simply irresistible to relish! This kheer recipe made of red rice vermicelli is a simple recipe that ...

  • Gehun Ki Kheer

    About Gehun Ki Kheer Recipe: A delicious blend of broken wheat, milk, jaggery and nuts! Kheer is a popular Indian dessert made on various festivals and occasions across the country. This kheer recipe is a ...

  • Microwave Kheer

    About Microwave Kheer Recipe: No Indian festival or special occasion is complete without a sweet treat to relish! Here is a delectable rice kheer made in a microwave and topped with saffron strands.

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