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  • Boondi Mojito

    About Boondi Mojito Recipe: A unique yet absolutely refreshing cocktail made with a melange of mint, boondi,white rum, sugar and a tang of lime. Topped with crunchy boondi, this mojito is a great party starter!

  • Spiced Mango Mojito

    About Spiced Mango Mojito Recipe: The perfect summer cocktail complete with the luscious mango puree along with homemade date puree, ginger-jaggery and refreshing mint leaves along with a tang of lime. This cocktail is just ...

  • Fresh Red Currant & Basil Mojito

    About Fresh Red Currant & Basil Mojito Recipe: A perfect, refreshing summer cocktail! Dark rum mixed with muddled mint and red currant giving you a delightful cocktail to cheer along at a party with ...

  • Apricot Mojito

    About Apricot Mojito Recipe: A refreshing, full of mint cocktail to re-energize and refresh in the summer season.

  • Cucumber Mojito

    Cucumber Mojito Recipe: Cucumber and mint mixed with rum, topped with champagne and cucumber slices. A refreshing cocktail for a summer evening!

  • Classic Mojito

    Beat the heat this summer with this easy recipe of the classic cocktail, Mojito. This mix of white rum, sugar syrup, soda with lime and mint will undoubtedly help you cool off that heat!!

'Mojito' - 5 Article Result(s)

  • Make Your own Raspberry Mojito

    A raspberry version of the refreshing mint and rum cocktail - a winner on hot sunny days or to remember a sizzling summer by. The particular genius of the human race is our ability to ...

  • What Does Your Favourite Cocktail Say about You?

    Have you bought a book online and had your inbox flooded with 'book suggestions' based on the one you just ordered? At times, the things you like can reveal a lot about the kind of ...

  • Try Tangy Flavour to Stay Fresh

    A chilled drink with lemon in it is an ideal way to ward off unbearable heat during summer season. Whether it is an iced tea or mojito, the citrus fruit can be included in your ...

  • Summer Cocktails: Mango is the Flavour of the Season

    From juices to margaritas, mojitos and daiquiris -- a twist of the king of fruits, the mango, is being used in myriad forms -- sliced, cube, slushed or even frozen -- in refreshing summer cocktails ...

  • Summer Diet: Try These Healthy Blueberry Drinks For Immunity Boost

    With the summer heat blazing in full power, cold beverages are preferred over weighty meals. Try out these refreshing blueberry drinks with the fresh, piquant flavour of the fruit.

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