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  • Lamb Shanks Curry

    Host a party and entertain a crowd with this lovely lamb curry with tender meat, spices, tangy tomato puree and soothing curd.

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  • 8 Best Buffet Restaurants in Pune: Feast On

    Pune offers up some exceptional buffet options, and we've listed the 8 best buffet restaurants you have to try. They're great places to hit up when you're with a large group of people there's ...

  • 8 Delicious Dishes You Will Only Find in Pune

    How Pune's fastidiousness and their obdurate refusal to change a particle of their spicing or ingredients has kept their food pristine for the last three decades since I have been visiting their city is a ...

  • Top 10 Restaurants in Pune

    Here are the 10 new restaurants in Pune. From German Wurst and Chinese Dim Sum to Malabari Biryani and Chorizza Pizza, we pick some of Pune's most interesting new offerings.

  • Street Food Stalls, Heritage Eateries And New-Age Cafes: Pune Offers The Best Of Old And New

    What excited me the most about my trip to Pune was that while the city acts as a canvas for new eateries, its traditional and humble eateries are thriving too. That's always a good sign ...

  • Zomato, Pune Restaurant Fined Rs 55K For Delivering Chicken Instead Of Paneer To Fasting Customer

    A consumer court in Pune slapped a Rs 55,000 fine on Zomato along with a hotel for delivering non-vegetarian food to a lawyer who had ordered a vegetarian dish.

  • Flavours of Mexico

    The Bridge is a new eatery that offers a range of Mexican preparations that could soon lead to more dining traffic on Kharadi Road.Suspended on two pillars and hence, named The Bridge, it is Pune's ...

  • The Burger Bustle

    Pune seems to be having an affair with burger joints, yet just a couple make the mark. Ashishwang Godha went on a food trail to prepare a checklist of the best and the rest.Chicken Fusion ...

  • Starbucks to Open First Store in Pune

    Starbucks first store in Pune opens on September 8 and features an iconic and contemporary store design that honors the rich copper heritage of the beautiful city.Tata Starbucks Limited, the 50/50 joint venture between Starbucks ...

  • The 11 Hottest New Restaurants That Opened in India in 2016

    Here are the best restaurants that opened across India in 2016 - in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai.

  • Dig Into Green Delights

    The newly-opened Green Fields at Kalyani Nagar offers affordably priced and tasty fast food that might give their competitors a run for their moneyKalyani Nagar seems to be the hotspot for new Indian vegetarian restaurants. ...