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  • Peppermint Icing

    Get back to the basics to arrive at the newest and the sweetest way to make your cake more delicious!

  • Pizza Dough

    Back to basics. Enjoy a freshly made pizza base with this recipe.

  • Tomato Mayonnaise

    The classic mayo dip is enhanced with tangy tomato puree, garlic and fresh herbs. Use it as a sandwich spread or for a dip with salads.

  • Chicken Stock

    An easy recipe to make chicken stock at home.

  • Coconut Milk

    Here's how to extract fresh coconut milk at home.

  • Mayonnaise Sauce (Blender)

    A simple and easy recipe to making the soft, white and creamy mayonnaise sauce. Use this sauce as a dressing for salads or in your sandwiches or burgers or as a dip.

  • Moulding Icing

    Use this freshly made moulding icing to make your cakes and bakes special.

  • Panch Phoron

    Here is an authentic Bengali condiment made of five different spices. Add this aromatic concoction to brighten up the flavour of your preparations.

  • Panada Sauce

    Panada sauce is a thick, milky white sauce which is usually added to bind the batter. It may be used as thickening agent in soups and bakes.

  • Recheado (Goan Red masala)

    This fiery Goan masala is a blend of hot, aromatic spices, tomatoes, onions and tamarind. Add it to your curries to serve absolutely delectable delicacies.

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