Black Gram

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  • Kale Channe Ki Biryani

    Experience the brilliance of black gram combined with fragrant basmati rice and an elaborate blend of flavours.

  • Black Channa and Coconut Stew

    A light and hearty stew with the goodness of black channas and veggies like eggplants, bottle gourd, zuchinni cooked in the coconut milk.

  • Black Channa and Sweet Potato Chaat

    A tangy sweet potato and channa chaat.

  • Poornam Boorelu

    Poornam Boorelu is a traditional Andhra sweet. Dumplings made with black gram, jaggery, butter and coconut are fried in butter.

  • Urad aur Channe ki Dal

    A lovely dal recipe to grace your everyday meals. Made with Bengal gram, black gram and mild spices. Garnish with fresh cream!

  • Mulagapodi Powder (Gun Powder)

    Mulagapodi powder is an intense mix of red chillies, coconut and black gram, flavored with tamarind. It is a popular South Indian condiment.

  • Allugedda (Mashed Masala Potatoes)

    Mashed potatoes cooked with spices, black gram and tomatoes.

  • Babru

    Black gram dal stuffed in flour, rolled out and deep fried.

  • Lobhia ki Phali

    Black eyed beans cooked in scrumptious gravy.

  • Bisi Bele Bhaat

    Bisi bele bhaat is a traditional dish from Karnataka made with rice, lentils, vegetables and coconut. It is similar to a khichdi.

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