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'Chocolate' - 165 Recipe Result(s)

  • Eggless Dark Chocolate Truffle

    With layers of dark chocolate ganache and soft sponge, this eggless truffle cake comes close to heaven.

  • Chocolate Mahjong

    An easy dessert to please all dark chocolate fans. Inspired by the famous game called Mahjong, rich chocolate moulds are made along with cashew nuts, cream and digestive biscuits.

  • Chocolate Tarts with Milk Chocolate Ganache

    Chocolate cases filled with a ganache of white and dark chocolate, a serious chocolate fix!

  • Chocolate Lava Cake

    A classic chocolate lava cake made with five simple ingredients. So decadent, you just can't say no!

  • Flourless Chocolate Cake

    With just five ingredients to work with, this flourless chocolate cake is quick and easy to make. Topped with flaked almonds, this cake is a real crowd pleaser!

  • Microwave Chocolate Fudge

    Make delicious chocolate fudge in a matter of minutes in a microwave.

  • Chocolate Easter Eggs

    Make sinful Easter eggs using the finest white chocolate coverture from Callebaut. This recipe calls for cocoa butter colours to decorate the eggs.

  • Molten Chocolate Cake

    An easy recipe for an irresistible dessert. A rich chocolate cake with a soft melted chocolate center.

  • Nutty Cornflake Chocolate Clusters

    The chocolate cluster is a classic chocolate confection. A great jumble of textures and flavours, these no-bake treats are easy to make and even easier to gobble up! In this technique, a base ingredient is ...

  • Chocolate Coffee Truffle

    An easy dessert that combines two of our favourite flavours - chocolate and coffee. Chocolate rounds with a creamy center that has an extra kick of coffee powder.

'Chocolate' - 200 Article Result(s)

  • 10 Best Chocolate Recipes

    Do you love chocolates? Try these 10 best and delicious chocolate recipes at home. Everyone loves these easy cooking chocolate recipes. Cook today!

  • How to make chocolate hazelnut twists

    This recipe for chocolate hazelnut pastries is a weekend treat that definitely beats Nutella on toastSome combinations are no-brainers. Chocolate and hazelnut is just brilliant and has inspired many riffs, perhaps the most well known ...

  • 10 Best Chocolate Cake Recipes

    These chocolate cake recipes are something to drool over, definitely Get your aprons out, its time to bake!

  • Is it Possible? Low-Fat Chocolate that Melts in Your Mouth

    Researchers have found a way to make fat-free versions of chocolate delicious.

  • Why Dark Chocolate is Good for You

    Are you a dark chocolate addict? Here's a good reason to chomp on those irresistible bars. A new research suggests that eating dark chocolate lowers the augmentation index - a key vascular health predictor - ...

  • How to Make The Best Hot Chocolate Ever

    Learn how to make the best hot chocolate ever, plus 5 ways to spice (or spike) it up! After all, there's nothing quite like wrapping your hands around a mug filled to the rim with ...

  • New study: Gut bacteria turns dark chocolate 'healthy'

    According to a new study, the gut bacteria in our stomach gobble dark chocolate and ferment it into anti-inflammatory compounds that are good for the heart. The health benefits of eating dark chocolate have been ...

  • Cooking Lesson: How to Make Chocolate at Home

    The wonderful thing about making chocolates at home is that you can experiment with flavours that don't exist. Think wasabi with chocolate or floral bars.

  • Best Job Ever: This Firm is Looking for a Chocolate Taster!

    If you are a chocolate fan, this could be your dream job. A Scottish firm is on the hunt for a chief chocolate taster who will be paid in monthly supplies of chocolate bars.

  • Brisk Walk Cuts Chocolate Consumption By Half

    A brisk 15-minute walk seems to be the easiest way to cut down chocolate consumption by half at the workplace.Even in stressful situations, office workers eat only half as much chocolate as they normally would ...