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'Cocktail' - 40 Recipe Result(s)

  • Teesra Prawn Cocktail

    Prawns marinated and served in martini glasses with lettuce, tomatoes, olives and cocktail sauce.

  • Prawn Cocktail

    One of the most popular starters from the 70's, this prawn cocktail is easy and quick to make. Served on a bed of iceberg lettuce with thousand island dressing.

  • Classic Mojito

    Beat the heat this summer with this easy recipe of the classic cocktail, Mojito. This mix of white rum, sugar syrup, soda with lime and mint will undoubtedly help you cool off that heat!!

  • Bloody Mary

    A spunky cocktail made with tomato juice and vodka along with spicy undertones of Tabasco sauce.

  • White Russian

    A simple and easy cocktail that is creamy and delicious. It is stirred with Kahlua, vodka and cream.

  • Mud Slide

    A delicious and creamy Kahlua-based cocktail which is actually a dessert in disguise.

  • Xmas In A Glass

    Red, green, snow and ginger bread are synonymous to Xmas and this year we bring them all In A Glass. Merry Christmas!

  • Mint Julep

    Shake up some bourbon with fresh mint & lime! Voila, you've got yourself a party starter.

  • Carribean Passion

    Rum and pineapple juice has a citrus kick, perfect for lazing on the beach.

  • Kurumba Fire

    Orange curacao and vodka with cranberry juice.

'Cocktail' - 58 Article Result(s)

  • 10 Most Popular Vodka Cocktail Recipes

    There are may be countless vodka cocktails but this list attempts to showcase the best vodka cocktail recipes.

  • Shake it Up: 5 Cocktail Trends You Should Try At Home

    From cocktails on fire to jello shots, here are some cocktail trends you should be trying out at home.

  • Make Your Own Classic Champagne Cocktail

    Champagne socialite: take risks with your recipe and deliver with bravado to make your cocktails a hitWhen I was about 13, my dad invented a cocktail that he called the "timmy noggy" (from a boating ...

  • Dessert or Cocktail? A Sophisticated Slushy

    There are three things I love about this cocktail: It has gin in it (always a good thing), it takes less than a minute to make (ditto) and it doubles as dessert. What's not to ...

  • Sherry: The Forgotten Cocktail Ingredient

    Time for a little sherry cocktail anyone? No? But we can assure you that this historical tipple is muy tipico!

  • Acids Add Sour Without Citrus - and Appeal to Your Inner Chemistry Geek

    One of the commandments of the craft cocktail movement - between "Thou Shalt Not Shake a Manhattan" and "Thou Shall Keep Holy (and Refrigerated) Thy Vermouth" - is to avoid commercial sour mix

  • All You Need to Know About Wine Coolers

    The wine cooler has a bit of an identity problem. Is it a wine spritzer? A wine cocktail? Sangria? And what about that wild child moment in the '80s when it was the hottest thing ...

  • Make Your own Negroni Cocktail

    Grown-up cocktails return for the autumn - and this twist on an Italian classic is a must.As our nights get colder, it is time to say farewell to the flippant fruity drinks of summer and ...

  • Deeper into Mexico with Mezcal

    Mezcal, tequila's brash, more rustic cousin, is crashing the cocktail party, showing up in the kind of mixed drinks normally made with more-refined spirits.Until fairly recently, mezcal was an esoteric choice, but it is becoming ...

  • Make your own mumma cocktail

    Is this 'Swedish Christmas drink' an internet hoax or traditional tipple? This blend of beer and stout may have dubious credentials, but the flavours are fantastic nonethelessEveryone knows - or they ought to know - ...