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  • Lamb Momos with Sweet Chilli Sauce

    Make this all time favorite street food at home! Momos with a filling of lamb mince and mild spices. Served with a freshly made sauce that is sweet and spicy in one bite!

  • Cheese and Lamb Steaks

    Succulent lamb steak rolled in garden fresh ingredients and cheese - fried and baked.

  • Magaz Masala

    Stir fried lamb brain combined with a heartwarming gravy. High on spices, this classic hit will win your heart with its spellbinding aroma and creamy texture.

  • Lamb Shanks Curry

    Host a party and entertain a crowd with this lovely lamb curry with tender meat, spices, tangy tomato puree and soothing curd.

  • Vietnamese Lamb and Pineapple Soup

    Lamb pasandas, pineapple bits, fish sauce, stock and added spices come together in a soupy delight.

  • Lamb Chops

    Marinated lamb chops simmered in onions, tomatoes and spices.

  • Lamb Casserole

    Lamb chunks cooked with vegetables, beer and jaggery to make a scrumptious lamb casserole.

  • Lamb Burger

    Juicy patties made with minced lamb meat and stuffed between toasted burger buns.

  • Lamb Stew

    Coil in your couch with this warm, wholesome and comforting stew. Lamb meat cooked with kidney beans, blanched vegetables and stock.

  • Pan seared Lamb Chops in Malvani Masala

    Lamb chops marinated in an Indian flavors of a malvani masala, served with a chunky vegetable salad.

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