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  • Spicy Creamy Kadai Chicken

    One of the classic Indian chicken curries is just a few steps away. Let juicy chicken chunks simmer in a spicy broth and finish off with a note of cream!

  • Dhaba Chicken

    Highly spiced chicken, done the way it's cooked along the highway.

  • Kabargah (Fried Meat Ribs)

    Mutton ribs are cooked in milk and whole spices, wrapped in gram flour batter and finally fried golden.

  • Spicy Chicken Wings

    Chicken wings rolled in a tangy mixture of paprika, chilli powder, and oregano, cooked to precision.

  • Pork Vindaloo

    A traditional goan delicacy! Pork meat flavored with sweet and tangy flavours of gur, chillies, ginger, garlic and fried perfect.

  • Tandoori Murgh

    Straight from the tandoor on to your plate, a must try for all meat lovers! Pieces of chicken marinated in a mix of tandoori masala, yogurt, ginger paste and grilled on a tandoor.

  • Banjari Gosht

    Explore the authentic flavours of Rajasthani spices infused in juicy mutton pieces. This one will dazzle at your dinner table!

  • Chicken and Cheese Salad

    A sparkling salad with tender chicken breasts and cheese, tossed and mixed in salt, pepper and a generous dose of mayonnaise.

  • Codfish Salad

    A white fish salad that is light, mildly flavored and clubbed with shitake mushrooms, chicken stock and oyster sauce.

  • Gongura Mamsam

    Venture into the heart of Andhra Pradesh to unearth a cuisine which is reputed to be the spiciest of all! Chef Srinivas Rao shares his recipe of a spicy Andhra mutton curry.

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  • Awadh's Non Vegetarian Cuisine Faces Stiff Competition From Vegetarian Delicacies

    With more and more youngsters taking a turn towards fitness, vegetarianism is getting high on the agenda of the people of Lucknow.

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  • Spiced Lamb Buns

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  • Jack Monroe's Pork and Black Bean Feijoada Recipe

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