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'Yogurt' - 453 Recipe Result(s)

  • Spatchcock Chicken with Herby Yogurt Dip

    Spatchcock means to remove the breastbone and backbone of the chicken before grilling. Chicken seasoned with lemon zest, garlic, drizzled with olive oil and baked. Served with a herby yogurt dip with mint and dill ...

  • Yogurt Dip

    A creamy yogurt based dip with the crunchiness of onions and peanuts. Tempered with mustard seeds.

  • Turkish Yogurt Soup

    A smooth soup made with yogurt, a little flour and some boiled rice. Tempered with the freshness of mint. This Turkish yogurt soup is also known as 'Yayla Çorbas'.

  • Yogurt

    Stop buying the packaged yogurt that are full of preservatives. Learn how to make smooth and creamy yogurt at home.

  • Yogurt Kebab

    Here is a good depart from the traditional kebabs. This healthy version is made with cottage cheese, yogurt, almonds, raisins and oats. The melt-in-your-mouth texture will have you coming back for seconds!

  • Naat Yakkhn (Yogurt Lamb)

    A yogurt based lamb curry that hails from the beautiful state of Kashmir. A hearty curry with ghee in abundance and mawal flowers. Goes best with steamed rice.

  • Potato And Yogurt Salad

    A chunky salad of potatoes coated in yogurt, tossed with spring onions and pineapples.

  • Fruit Yogurt

    Yogurt is known for its versatility, here's for you a sweet and fruity yogurt recipe. Make it a part of your breakfast, a quick bite or works well even as a dessert.

  • Oatmeal, Yogurt and Fruit Breakfast Medley

    The goodness of yogurt, fruits, oats and nuts - all in one! Enjoy this cool and fruity treat to uplift your mood and appease the ones around.

  • Dragon Fruit And Yogurt Smoothie

    Creamy smoothie made from yogurt, dragon fruit and apricots.

'Yogurt' - 35 Article Result(s)

  • Starbucks Jumping Into Greek Yogurt Craze

    Starbucks wants a taste of the Greek yogurt craze.The Seattle-based coffee chain says it's teaming up with French food and drink company Danone to sell Greek yogurt parfaits. The ready-to-eat cups will arrive in its ...

  • This Yogurt's Here to Stay

    Yet another yogurt place? Sunday Midday digs into a bowl of what promises to be a 'best than the rest' frozen yogurt cafe, Yogos, to find out if it really is that.Adding to the long ...

  • Women and Yogurt: What's the Connection?

    Advertising in western society seems to have decided that yogurt is a product that is enjoyed solely by women. Is this the case? If so, what scientific reasons could there be for this dairy-based gender ...

  • Eating Yogurt May Reduce the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

    If you're a yogurt fan, here's some good news for you! According to a new research, higher consumption of low-fat fermented dairy products can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Scientists at the ...

  • Yogurt Culture: An Array Of Options That Is Plain Confusing

    It's amusing that yogurt, which originated as a way to make milk last longer before the days of refrigeration, now makes grocery shopping last longer as we try to make sense of the dizzying selection ...

  • 10 Things You Can Make With Yogurt

    Yogurt's everywhere - it's saved itself a permanent seat in every refrigerator, it's found next to spicy Indian food, it's used as a marinade and can also be found in body creams.Natural yogurt is as ...

  • Chill in the kitchen

    Ideal summer cooking is one that allows you to spend minimum amount of time in the kitchen. Ditch those lengthy recipes and lunch on these easy-to-make cold soupsCold yogurt and cucumber soupIngredients:1 cucumber2 cups yogurt2 ...

  • Could Eating Yoghurt Help Treat Depression?

    A new research reveals that probiotics found in natural yogurt could help boost a person's mood because they affect brain function.Previous studies have shown that beneficial bacteria affected the brains of rats but no research ...

  • Why You Should Eat Yogurt Every Day

    Recently, there was a study conducted at the University of Cambridge which claimed that low-fat fermented dairy products can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Previous research also suggests that calcium, magnesium, or ...

  • Regular Consumption of Yogurt May Not Improve Health

    If you feel good about eating yogurt daily in the hope that it'll make you lose a few kilos and strengthen your bones, a new study from Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain has some not-so-good ...