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    • The Weirdest Diet Trends for 2015

      It's unlikely the obesity epidemic will be dented by this year's bizarre crop of diets - but at least they're creative.

    • The Morning After: How to Cure a Hangover

      You may have woken up on Thursday feeling a little ropey. Here's a few tips for getting over your new year's hangover

    • Hot Barre and Punk Rope: These are the Weirdest Fitness Trends of 2015

      Aerial yoga, treadmill classes and skipping with attitude ... what are set to be the strangest ways of getting fit in 2015? Zumba is on its way out, and Soul Cycle has a rival. What will be the hot fitness trends of 2015?Body weight training ...

    • The Top Five Food Trends That Will Rule 2015

      Kale is so 2014. But what's next? We predict the next hottest food trendsIn 2014 we went mad for kale, quinoa and craft beer, so what will be the food trends of 2015? Here are our top five predictions for the next food crazes.Kaniwa Now ...

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