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    • How to Make A Perfect Martini

      Shaken or stirred, how a Martini should be prepared remains a contentious issue among many a luminary.

    • Sherry: The Forgotten Cocktail Ingredient

      Time for a little sherry cocktail anyone? No? But we can assure you that this historical tipple is muy tipico!

    • How to Get the Brits to Drink More Beer

      Beer sales are in decline. An ad campaign suggests we enjoy it with our meals, but is food matching really the way to go?

    • Amaretto: As Bittersweet as Life Itself? | Empire of Drinks

      The sweet almond liqueur Amaretto has its charms, but may not seduce us all.

    • Bourbon Owes a Debt to its British Roots | Empire of Drinks

      This sourmash whiskeys rebellious roots could lie in northern England...

    • How Japanese Whisky is Taking on Scotch

      For, alongside an exhaustive list of whiskies from all over Scotland some exceedingly rare there's a sizeable selection from Japan.

    • Going for a Late-Night Drink | Empire of Drinks

      Despite many years of relaxed licensing laws its still not easy to get a late-night drink in many parts of the UK

    • A Rum Tale About the Navys Favoured Drink | Empire of Drinks

      Why booze is grog, where rum gets its name, and lots to do with a drunken sailor.

    • The Curse of Homebrew Wines and the Enduring Charm of Sloe Gin | Empire of Drinks

      Homebrew wines may not amuse as ales do, but its hard to turn up your nose at a sloe gin.

    • Connoisseur's Firewater: Green Chartreuse

      Chartreuse is another monks digestif with 130 secret herbs and a rakish reputation for its strength.

    • Brandy De Jerez: A Drink for the Sherry Lover | Empire of Drinks

      If you love sherry, drink Brandy de Jerez without it, the business would collapse.

    • A Splash of Tonic to Cure Your Ills | Empire of Drinks

      The gin in your tonic was first used to mask the bitter taste of medicinal quinine.

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