11 Fool-Proof Tips To Set Curd Faster At Home

Set curd faster: We have dug out some very useful tips to set curd faster and with complete success, be it summer or winter.

Neha Grover  |  Updated: October 19, 2020 15:35 IST

11 Fool-Proof Tips To Set Curd Faster At Home

Homemade curd is better than store-bought curd.

  • Curd is a staple food in Indian households.
  • Making curd at home is easy if processed properly.
  • Here are some useful to tips to set curd perfectly at home.

Any Indian meal tastes better with a side serving for fresh curd. The cool, refreshing curd makes our food taste better, so much so that many of us can't go without curd for even a single day. It's not just plain curd that is a staple in Indian cuisine; we also use it to make lassi, raita, kadhi and other popular recipes. Homemade curd is better than the store-bought one any given day. While setting curd at home is easy during summer, the same can be more difficult in winters.

Every year, as we slip into the much-awaited cold season, we start facing difficulties in making thick, dense and perfectly-set curd. The process is longer, and as we inch closer towards peak winters, setting curd at home seems impossible. But, not this time! We have dug out some very useful tips to set curd faster and with complete success, be it summer or winter. 

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5uttdo3Curd is used in a number of ways in Indian cuisine. 

Here Are 11 Tips To Set Curd Faster:

1. Whole Milk
If you want your curd to be creamy and dense, use whole fat milk, or standard pasteurised milk, especially in winter.


2. Mix Well
After adding curd culture, make sure that it is mixed well with milk. Blend thoroughly with the spoon.

3. Shuffle The Milk
Shuffle the cultured milk between two bowls for 5-6 times. This method ensures the culture is blended well and it helps start the fermentation process instantly.

4. Build Froth
If you blend curd culture and milk with a hand whisk, it will turn milk frothy. This is another great way to ensure faster setting of curd.

5. Use Warm Milk
Always use warm milk (but not too hot) to make the curd. Lukewarm milk works best in summer, and a little warmer milk yields better result in winter.

6. Earthen Pot
If you have an earthen pot at home, use it to make the curd. The mud-based container fastens the milk fermentation process.

7. Keep It Warm
After adding the culture, wrap your container with a thick, warm piece of cloth to keep it warm. Use your old woollen sweater or stole or anything that won't hurt you if it gets spoiled.

8. The Green Chilli Effect
It is surprising but adding a green chilli with its stem intact helps curd set faster. How? Green chillies contain certain bacteria that propel the milk to produce protein curdles and turn them into curd.

9. Warm Storage
You should leave your curdled milk in a closed and warm place. You can place it in an oven with the light on. The light alone creates a warm temperature inside the oven. Placing the curdled milk in a casserole is also a good idea. Its insulated walls lock in the heat inside.

10. Place In Warm Water
It's a simple tip. Just warm some water and pour it in a casserole. Then place a smaller bowl with curdled milk inside it and close the lid firmly.

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11. Leave It Alone
While mixing milk and curd starter is important to initiate the fermentation process, after you keep it away to make curd, don't touch and move it till the curd is set. 

Use these smart tips to enjoy fresh homemade curd throughout the year.


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