5 Ways You Can Replace Heavy Cream With Dairy-Free, Vegan Coconut Cream

Coconut cream is a healthier option and can be used to make a multitude of delicious meals

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5 Ways You Can Replace Heavy Cream With Dairy-Free, Vegan Coconut Cream

Coconut Cream: Healthy Substitute For Heavy Cream

  • Ditch unhealthy, fattening heavy creams for coconut cream
  • Coconut cream is dairy-free substitute for vegan diet
  • Here are some ideas of meals you can prepare with coconut cream

If you love coconut or like to infuse healthy elements in your food, here's a great alternative to unhealthy and fattening cream, oil and butter used to lend grease to your dishes. Coconut cream is a healthier option and can be used to make a multitude of delicious meals. Lactose intolerant people, who cannot consume dairy products, can keep eating the favourite delicacies, by cooking them with coconut cream. Coconut cream can also come in handy for those following a strict vegan diet. Not to forget, the various benefits of coconut that you can derive from its cream. Canned coconut cream is easily available in regular grocery stores across the country. Alternatively, you can easily make coconut cream at home, which is obviously a better option.

Coconut cream can be used to create a number of dishes, both savoury and sweet. Here are some fantastic ideas to use the healthy cream for cooking and do away with the heavy cream that does no good to your health.

Coconut Cream Recipe Ideas

Dessert Crust

You can replace butter and oil and bake your pie crust or tart crust with coconut cream instead. You can use this cream to make the topping or filling of the crust as well.

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All you need your soup to be is - hot and creamy! You usually choose soup to go for a healthy eat. If your otherwise healthy soup is loaded with cream, it totally negates the point of eating soup. But, you can keep enjoying your cream of tomato soup or cream of mushroom soup by ditching the regular cream and using coconut cream instead.


Coconut-based cocktails like Pina Colada can be amped up to serve our taste buds in a better way. Include coconut cream to your recipe and enjoy a delicious creamy cocktail in your leisure time.

Indian Curries

Add a healthy twist to your chicken curry, Goan curry, Thai curry or dal makhani by using coconut cream, which brings in a volley of health benefits and also an invigorating aroma and great taste.

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Coconut curry with coconut cream


Not just coconut, you can use cream of coconut to make any ice-cream of any flavour of your choice. Coconut cream will not cast a shadow on your selected flavour; it will only enhance it by adding a lush, creamy texture to it.

Don't miss out on the pleasure of eating velvety, creamy foods. Just add coconut cream to you recipes and treat yourself to the pleasure of good health and good taste at the same time.


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