High-Protein Diet: Try These Chocolate Chip Oat Biscuits For Your Next Tea-Time Break

A perfect balance of healthy and tasty, these chocolate chip biscuits with oats is exactly what you need to pair with your next cup of tea.

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High-Protein Diet: Try These Chocolate Chip Oat Biscuits For Your Next Tea-Time Break

Chocolate chip and oats biscuits to try at home.

  • Biscuits are in indispensable part of one's life all over the world
  • What if you could have a combination of healthy and tasty in biscuits?
  • Here is a quick and easy high-protein biscuit recipe you can try at home

How many of you love to pair their tea or coffee with some crunchy cookies or biscuits? Well, we agree there's no better way to take a break during the day or start your morning with this amazing combination. Not only does it give a bout of instant energy but also pair well with both tea and coffee. Let's admit it, biscuits are quite underrated. Be it a traditional atta-butter biscuits or the flavoured ones like chocolate, biscuits are almost a ritual all over the world. While in India one can most commonly find people dipping the biscuit in a cup of masala chai, in other parts of the world, variations like shortbreads and biscottis are immensely cherished with coffee brews at tea parties.

What if your favourite chocolate chip biscuits could be rich with protein too? There's been enough said on how important a high-protein diet can be for us. Protein being the building blocks of our body, it helps build and repair muscles, and keeps us satiated for a longer spell; hence, it is one of the most important nutrients to include in our diet. There could be multiple ways to include protein in your daily diet; the most common being including animal-based foods in your meals. While non-vegetarians have ample options, vegetarians might have little less of it. But we've got you covered with this nutrient-dense superfood - oats!

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Oats are incredibly rich with protein and fibre, both of which keep you full for long and fuel our body with energy it needs. Oats are often touted to be among the best sources of dietary protein available. Fibre content in oats takes the longest to digest, which may also lead to weight loss. Here we are making your favourite tea-time snack - protein-rich, mouth-watering chocolate chip oats biscuits. These chocolate chip and oats biscuits are packed with the goodness of rolled oats and apple along with yummy chocolate chips, jaggery, castor sugar and vanilla essence.

Find the recipe of chocolate chips and oat biscuits here and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.


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