How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies from Bananas, Apples and Other Ingredients

Adharika kapoor  |  Updated: January 27, 2017 13:14 IST

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies from Bananas, Apples and Other Ingredients
  • Fruit flies are more commonly referred to as Gnats
  • They are capable of laying thousands of eggs at a time
  • Here are a few steps that we can take to get rid of fruit flies
More commonly referred to as Gnats, we all have witnessed small insects or flies on fruits that are kept in the kitchen, mostly outside the refrigerator. While they are present all year around, they are predominantly found in the summer months of May and June. They are also found outdoors and are not restricted to an indoor area. The reason behind this common occurrence is that they get attracted to fruits that are over ripe. More often than not, we tend to get disgusted by flies sticking to a rotten banana or mango. Apples, grapes etc are all fruits that are vulnerable to these flies.

Items that are left unfinished and non-refrigerated are the ones that attract these flies. Once attacked, the flies are capable of laying thousands of eggs at a time and eradication becomes next to impossible. The rate at which they breed is extremely fast. If not addressed at the right time, it could turn into an infestation.

Imagine consuming a fruit that has been attacked by fruit flies? It can be dangerous to health and well-being. This is simply because they act as carriers of bacteria and other harmful microbes. It is important to understand that fruit flies are not restricted to fruits alone. With easy accessibility into our homes, they can dwell in the drains, pipelines or wherever they are exposed to the smell of food. They are extremely small in size and cannot be seen easily through naked eyes. The main source of attraction for them is the sugar that they can smell in fruits. There are plenty of measures that can be taken to prevent and eradicate these small beasts.


Measures to Prevent Fruit Flies

Just like all things unwanted, we must be cautious with fruit flies too. They can cause havoc once allowed to infest in the confines of our homes. It is vital to keep a keen eye when out in the grocery stores too. This brings us to the root notion of "cleanliness". If one is careful and particular about cleanliness, there is no way that fruit flies can enter our homes.

Here are a few steps that we can take in order to ensure that we consume fruits that are clean and fly-free!

1. Wash, Wash, Wash

Fruits and vegetables must always be washed thoroughly. Even if it means washing them twice or thrice. Sometimes the surface of fruits and vegetables are sticky from contact with other rotting produce. Washing will clean and prevent flies from settling on the fruits and veggies. Ripened fruits must either be discarded away or consumed instantly. They are the dominant sources of fruit flies.

fruits and vegetables
2. Garbage Out

As mentioned earlier, garbage cans must be covered and must be disposed off at a frequent interval of time. This will prevent flies from getting attracted to rotten garbage and thus decreases the number of flies.

food waste

3. Clean the Kitchen Regularly

It is often suggested to clean the kitchen thoroughly everyday. We may be unaware of pieces of food fallen under the fridge, beside the cupboard or even under the stove. A good process of cleanliness can ensure that the surface remains clean and there is no chance for unwanted organisms to enter the area.

Throw away items like wet sponges used for washing utensils. Throw away mops and cloths that have been in use for a very long time. It is important to get rid of adult flies in the house to prevent them from laying eggs that increase the population.

Utensils in which juice or foods that contain preservatives must be washed instantly. This prevents flies from getting attracted.

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4. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

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All you need to do is take some apple cedar vinegar in a glass. Don't fill it completely till the top. Then cover the top of the glass with cellophane sheet and put a rubber band around the cellophane to make it stay. With a toothpick, make holes into the cellophane that are big enough for the flies to go into the glass but small so that they don't escape out. They get attracted to the sweet smell of vinegar and thus get trapped inside. Place the trap wherever you feel that the possibility of flies is good enough. It could also be near the garbage can.

apple cider vinegar

5. The Paper Funnel Technique

According to popular opinion, this is one of the easiest and most effective techniques to eradicate and kill fruit flies. All you have to do is take a long jar or vase, put any liquid or substance that will act as bait and attract the flies. It could be honey, rotten banana etc. Now, create a funnel using a paper. Fit this funnel into the jar. The flies will get attracted to the liquid inside and enter the funnel, but will be unable to escape. Now place this trap near an area that has a high population of flies. Kill the flies in the jar by adding soap water or any kind of detergent or boiling hot water.

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