Lessons From Bollywood: Load Up On These 5 Cooling Drinks Like Your Favourite Celebrities!

NDTV Food  |  Updated: June 29, 2018 18:08 IST

Lessons From Bollywood: Load Up On These 5 Cooling Drinks Like Your Favourite Celebrities!
  • Not only during summers, you need to stay hydrated during monsoons.
  • Juhi Chawla prefers lassi over aerated drinks for summers.
  • Herbal teas are hot favourites of some Bollywood celebrities.
Summers have almost come to an end and monsoons have made a presence across the Indian subcontinent. Even as we bid a less-than-sad goodbye to the heat and prepare to brace the incessant showers and overcast skies, the transition from summer to monsoon can be a rocky one. For one, we may stop drinking enough water as temperatures take a hit, which can be a mistake and may lead to dehydration. When it comes to keeping cool naturally and staying hydrated, our Bollywood celebrities have given us major inspiration this summer. Be it Varun Dhawan's love affair with sugarcane and kokum juice, or Shilpa Shetty's yummy upgrade of the plain old coconut water, we got to reaffirm our faith in healthy summer drinks to stay hydrated naturally, even in the scorching heat.

Here are some summer drinks that our favourite Bollywood celebrities were partial to, this summer:

Coconut Water: The best no-brainer summer drink out there, coconut water is a hydrating elixir. The absence of refined sugar and the presence of numerous nutritional benefits made it a favourite with celebs like Shilpa Shetty and Tamanaah Bhatia. While Tamanaah Bhatia gushed about the benefits of drinking coconut water and consuming tender coconut as a healthy snack, Shilpa Shetty showed us how to add some sweetness to the mix, by tossing in some fruity goodness to your coconut water.

Chamomile Tea: Summer isn't typically a time for hot beverage, but tea addicts may want to disagree. Herbal teas are hot favourites (literally!) of some Bollywood celebs like Manisha Koirala, who frequently shared the pleasures of indulging in a warm cup after a refreshing swimming session. Chamomile is a herb that has many health benefits for summers, like soothing stomach aches and providing relief from indigestion. It is also said to reduce sun tan and fight acne and stress, making chamomile tea a great summer drink pick.

After a swim.. super tired..dozing off now gn folks #camomile tea I

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Lassi: Who can resist a tall glass of chilled lassi during summers? As soon as the refreshing drink hits our parched throats, we experience instant relief. This is why Juhi Chawla opted for the sweet yogurt drink to keep her body cool during summers. If prepared by using natural sweeteners, lassi can be quite healthy. Curd is a probiotic and is hence good for the gut and gives a boost to digestion as well.

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Shikanji: The classic sweet and spicy lemon drink, shinkanji is quite a hit with celebrities as well. Case in point is Anushka Sharma, who had stopped at a popular shinkanji joint in the middle of her shoot to sample some refreshing drink. The delicious drink comes with a lot of health benefits like relief from bloating and indigestion, and removing toxins from the body. Shikanji love is real, guys, even among our celebrities!Sugarcane Juice: Ganney ka juice is sold at various stalls and thelas across the country during summers, for a measly price of Rs 10 per glass. This cheap and much-loved summer drink found favour with Varun Dhawan as well, who recently confessed to have been 'hooked onto' it. Varun said that sugarcane juice helped him keep his energy at optimum levels and also helped improve his mood. Sugarcane juice contains natural sugars and no cholesterol, which makes it healthy as well. It contains plenty of fibre, which makes it a good summer drink to add to your weight loss diet.

Comments So now you know! Although we must take every piece of diet advice dished out by celebrities and celebrity nutritionists with a pinch of salt, there is no doubt that these cooling drinks are all no-brainers for a healthy body.

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