Standard Burfee: The Best Place in Karol Bagh for Pure Desi Ghee Sweets

   |  Updated: August 18, 2017 14:55 IST

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Standard Burfee: The Best Place in Karol Bagh for Pure Desi Ghee Sweets
  • Standard Burfee has a heritage of over 60 years
  • They are known for their burfees and mithai made in pure desi ghee
  • They are also famous for their Puri-Chhole, a great breakfast option
Photo Credit: Aditi Ahuja

This well-known sweet shop, tucked away on the streets of Karol Bagh’s Ajmal Khan Road, is a delight for people with a sweet tooth. Standard Burfee has a heritage of over 60 years. It boasts of plush interiors and its bright, glassy counters proudly display many varieties of sweets, namkeens and savoury snacks. Though the classic breakfast preparation - Puri Chhole is its claim to fame, Standard Burfee has a very fascinating journey.

Mr. Ravi Tej Singh, co-owner of Standard Burfee, shares, “Standard Burfee started out as a tiny stall selling just 'Burfees'. Gradually, we diversified into selling other sweets and turned the stall into a sweet shop in Karol Bagh. Our special Puri-Chhole was introduced almost 10 years after opening our mithai shop."
pista burfee 620x350

Pista BurfeePhoto Credit: Aditi Ahuja

Their delectable Puri-Chhole doesn't drip with desi-ghee as one would imagine. They add just the right amount of desi ghee in their preparations, and don’t go overboard with the spices either. Their puris are seasoned simply with salt, chilli powder and ajwain seeds and are soft from the inside with a crispy golden-brown outer covering. The curry is a mix of chickpeas, tiny pieces of potatos, paneer and some crispy pakodis or vadas. The Puri-Chhole is served with a carrot pickled made in mustard oil. You must accompany your meal with their sweet or salted lassi, and of course, their melt-in-the-mouth Sooji Ka Halwa.
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The delicious Puri ChholePhoto Credit: Aditi Ahuja

Mr. Ravi Tej Singh tells us, “Ours is a partnership firm. We are three brothers who share ownership and profits. Many new outlets open and shut down but we've here the longest.” 

The variety of sweetsPhoto Credit: Aditi Ahuja

The sweet options at Standard Burfee are varied and plentiful - ranging from Halwa and Rabri to different types of burfees made with khoya. Standard also offers some dahi-based Chaat options such as Papdi Chaat, Raj Kachori or the Bhalla Chaat. Besides these, they also have regional savoury snacks like Samosa, Pakoda and Dhokla
dhokla 620x350

Dhokla sandwichPhoto Credit: Aditi Ahuja

“Sundays are special for us because of our breakfast hit- Purri Chhole. Mondays are reserved for packing orders while on Tuesdays we get a lot of orders for Prasad," says Mr.Singh. Some of their most famous sweets are the Dhodha, Pinni, Panjeeri, and the Patisa. Mr. Singh is a self-proclaimed foodie and he tells us with a wide smile, “If I ever have to choose between working or trying some delicious food - I’d always choose the latter.”


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