Summer Drinks: Brave This Hot Weather With These Cool Cucumber Drinks 

Neha Grover  |  Updated: June 07, 2019 18:21 IST

Summer Drinks: Brave This Hot Weather With These Cool Cucumber Drinks 

Summer Drink: Cucumber Beverage

  • Nutritionists suggest drinking cucumber juice in summers
  • Around 90% of cucumber is made up of water
  • These recipes of cucumber-based drinks are super hydrating

When the flaming weather in the peak summers, turns up the heat, we crave for cooling foods and drinks. Of all the summer-friendly foods, cucumbers are always loved for their cooling properties. Around 90% of cucumber is made up of water, which works well in the balmy climate as it helps hydrate the body by replenishing lost fluids due to sweating. Cucumber is known to be one of the best foods for weight loss as the low amount of calories in the food causes the existing calories to burn while digesting this high-fibre food. 

Cucumbers are popularly eaten in salads but its juice is equally healthful and great in taste. Nutritionists suggest juicing a raw cucumber. However, if you like to spice up your drinks, here are some ideas to make cucumber beverages that can help you brave this season.

Recipes Of Detox Cucumber Drinks

Cucumber Mojito 

Want to relax with a refreshing cocktail during weekend after a long week? This drink with cucumber and mint, topped with rum and champagne, will let you enjoy your evening.

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Summer Drink: Cucumber Mojito

Virgin Cucumber Cooler

For teetotallers, this mocktail with cucumber and mint works great in this weather. You don't have to wait for the weekend to relish this super fresh beverage. Drink this easy-to-make cucumber cooler any time, any day. 

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virgin cucumber cooler

Summer beverage: Virgin Cucumber Cooler

Green Cucumber Shots

These cucumber shots are prepared using flavoursome herbs and spices. Drink this refreshing shot every day to reap the benefits of cucumber to the fullest.

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cucumber shots

Summer Beverage: Cucumber Shots

Chilled Cucumber Soup

Soup is one of the healthiest dinner meals and this chilled soup recipe is sure to make you crave for more. Made with cucumber and yogurt, this chilled cucumber soup will provide you freshness after a hot, tiring day. 

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chilled cucumber soup

Summer Beverage: Chilled Cucumber Soup

Drink cucumber juice in form of these concoctions or serve these drinks to welcome people over to your house. With these interesting and easy recipes of drinks made of cucumbers, treading this scorching and long season of summers will become easier.


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