Summer Recipes: 3 Unique Raw Mango (Kairi) Recipes For A Delicious Summer (Videos Inside)

Summer Diet: 3 unique raw mango recipes you'd love to enjoy this summer!

NDTV Food Desk  |  Updated: June 27, 2019 15:25 IST

Summer Recipes: 3 Unique Raw Mango (Kairi) Recipes For A Delicious Summer (Videos Inside)

Raw mango recipes: Enjoy kairi in unique ways this summer

  • Raw mango is one of the most loved summer fruits
  • Raw mango chutney is both spicy and tangy
  • Raw mangoes can be added to khichdi for a delicious tarty flavour

Raw mango, or kairi, is available in abundance during summer months in India. Households around the country utilise this tangy, tarty fruit in various delicious ways. From fruit juices and mocktails to chutneys and pickles, raw mango can be fashioned into half a dozen different foods and drinks. Raw mangoes have a more firm pulp than their ripe counterparts and even their outer covering or peels can be used in dishes. The fibrous fruit has much more to offer than mere taste as it comes with a whole lot of health benefits. It may help you beat dehydration and keep away adverse impacts of heat and it may also help you fight digestive disorders. Mango also contains high levels of vitamin C, which makes it great for the skin, hair and the immune system.

Kairi ka panna is the most popular raw mango preparation that is consumed throughout the summer months. It is prepared from spiced pulp of cooked raw mangoes. There are other, perhaps lesser well-known, raw mango preparations savoured during summers that are prepared in certain regions of the country.

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Here are 3 unique raw mango recipes you'd love to enjoy this summer:

1. Raw Mango Chutney

The chutney is prepared by grinding together green chillies, fresh coriander, chopped onions, garlic cloves and a few pieces of dry coconut, together with chopped raw mango pieces. The chutney has a slightly sweet taste due to a few pieces of jaggery that are also added to the mix. You can also add salt to taste. All the ingredients are ground together into a paste and then a tempering of roasted cumin seeds, mustard seeds and fried red chillies is added to chutney, giving it a delicious aroma. Kairi chutney will be especially favoured by those who like their chutneys spicy and tangy.

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Here's the recipe of Kairi Ki Chutney by YouTube chef Vaishali Polke of the channel Being Marathi:

2. Raw Mango Khichdi

Khichdi is a comfort food that is enjoyed around the country and there are several different versions of this lentil and rice dish. However, you may not have tried raw mango khichdi before. This summer version of the desi comfort food is as easy to make as the original one, but is infinitely more delicious, due to the added flavour and tangy taste of kairi. All you have to do is cooked slightly ripe kairi in oil in a cooker and then add lentils, rice and water to it, along with the spices and pressure cook it. Here's the video recipe of raw mango khichdi from Being Marathi:

3. Raw Mango Lentil Curry

Aamti is a Maharashtrian lentil curry that is made from yellow gram, along with kokam and a host of spices. Aamti is traditionally quite spicy and tangy owing to the kokam. Raw mango aamti, or kairi ki aamti, can be prepared during summers to enjoy raw mango in a new and unique way. This recipe is incredibly easy to make and even a novice cook may be able to master this super delicious and flavoursome curry.

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Here's the video recipe of kairi ki aamti from Being Marathi:

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There are a number of other dishes that raw mangoes can be added to, for some of that tasty acidity and a summery flavour. Happy summers!


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