This Sumptuous Kabuli Chana Pulao Is A Feast Fit For Royalty (Recipe Inside)

Kabuli chana pulao will make your family drool over its sumptuous goodness, making it a feast fit for kings. Check out the full recipe by NDTV Food!

Aditi Ahuja  |  Updated: February 19, 2020 13:38 IST

This Sumptuous Kabuli Chana Pulao Is A Feast Fit For Royalty (Recipe Inside)

Kabuli Chana Pulao is the perfect dinner for when you want the royal treatment.

  • Kabuli chana and rice is usually had separately as two different dishes
  • The Kabuli chana pulao brings together the best of both worlds
  • Spices in this dish make it a feast fit for kings

There are days when food is just a way to fill our stomachs, a necessity to keep us going. But there are other days when the wish is to be treated royally, when we crave more than just the regular dal-roti or dal-chawal. If you want to up your dinner game to a whole new level of fancy and tease the senses with something soul-satiating, this Kabuli chana pulao is perfect for you! Combining the goodness of chickpeas (or Kabuli chana) with rice, the Kabuli chana pulao recipe will make your family drool over its sumptuous goodness.

The best part about the Kabuli chana pulao recipe is that it combines the best of two ingredients - Kabuli chana and rice. We normally cook these ingredients separately as chana curry and rice and serve them together to be had as a meal. However, the Kabuli chana pulao makes a deadly combination of both the ingredients into a wholesome unit. Kabuli chana combined with rice and flavoured with delicious aromatic spices will make dinners never be the same again.

The spices that go into the Kabuli chana pulao include evocative ones such as brown cardamom, green cardamom, black peppercorn, cinnamon sticks, cloves, mace, and bay leaves. The spices get combined into a decadent whole and make the dish all the more satiating! Onions are also added to the recipe in abundance, in both raw and fried form. A little bit of curd is also mixed with the Kabuli chana concoction to give the whole preparation a tangy taste. The pulao is topped with pomegranate seeds which add a sweet aftertaste to the delicious rice dish.


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Here's How To Make Kabuli Chana Pulao At Home:


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