Varun Dhawan Is 'Hooked Onto' These 2 Healthy Indian Juices: Add Them To Your Diet Today!

Varun Dhawan recently revealed that celebrity nutritionist Rujuita Diwekar introduced him to two of the most loved desi juices that he is now 'hooked onto'. We tell you why you should be adding these to your diet too!

NDTV Food  |  Updated: June 11, 2018 17:37 IST

Varun Dhawan Is 'Hooked Onto' These 2 Healthy Indian Juices: Add Them To Your Diet Today!
  • Varun Dhawan recently hosted a live session with Rujuta Diwekar.
  • Varun revealed that Rujuta had gotten him 'hooked onto' desi juices.
  • Sugarcane juice and kokum sharbat may both help in weight loss.
Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan recently hosted a Facebook live session with celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, on the latter's page. During the hour-long live session, the duo talked about a variety of topics related to food and fitness, with the purpose of busting popular 'healthy food' myths and setting the record straight on a number of issues. During the session, Varun spoke about his own lessons about fitness and nutrition and gave us some insights into his own diet and workout philosophies. The Judwaa 2 actor, who is known for his incredibly fit body and charming looks, spilled the beans about how he manages to look the way he does.

Giving Rujuta the credit for his movie transformations, Varun revealed that the Mumbai-based nutritionist got him hooked onto two juices - sugarcane juice and kokum sharbat. Talking about why he loves drinking sugarcane juice, Varun said, "One thing that was life-changing for me was sugarcane juice. I started having sugarcane juice and I did it for a good 30 days non-stop." Varun said that adding sugarcane juice to his diet helped him get his energy levels up and also helped improve his mood. The actor revealed that the juice helped him be positive during the shooting of the movie October, which has a rather bleak plot.

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Talking about the bright red kokum sharbat, Varun said, "The other thing that I'm really hooked onto, that she told me about was the kokum sharbat, I honestly believe is a natural fat-burner." Rujuta and Varun also spoke about how certain foods impact your mood and why it was an important factor that one should consider while planning one's diet. Varun Dhawan said that it was important to include mood foods like sugarcane juice in your diet, as these also helped you work out better in the gym. He said that if you workout with a negative mood, then you will not be able to burn as many calories as you would with a better, more positive mood.

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Here are some health benefits of drinking sugarcane juice and kokum sharbat, which will convince you to add these to your diet as well:

1. Fight Inflammation: Both kokum and sugarcane have anti-inflammatory properties. While kokum is endowed with garcinols, sugarcane has polyphenols, both of which fight inflammation in the body.

2. Help In Weight Loss: Due to the presence of hydroxy citric acid (HCA), kokum has been known to shrink appetite and promote weight loss. Sugarcane is fat-free and high in dietary fibre, both of which make it ideal for weight loss.

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3. Natural Coolers:Kokum is very well known for its cooling properties. Meanwhile, sugarcane has natural sugars, which increase the energy of the body. Both these drinks are ideal for consumption during summers.


So, now you know! Both these drinks are easily available across the Indian subcontinent during the summer season, which is another reason for you to love them like Varun Dhawan does.

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