Watch Recipe Video: How To Make Classic French Quiche, A Cheesy Snack Item You'll Love

Neha Grover  |  Updated: May 30, 2019 18:52 IST

Watch Recipe Video: How To Make Classic French Quiche, A Cheesy Snack Item You'll Love

Recipe Video: Classic French Quiche

  • Quiche is a popular French savoury food
  • It is made with crust of eggs and milk, and veggies, meats and cheese
  • This recipe shows how to make traditional French quiche

French food is largely responsible for bringing European cuisine on global map. The food culture of France, which predominantly consists of cheese and wine, has made the bourgeois cuisine of the region popular worldwide for its comfort foods. Quiche is one such famous dish, which has been prevalent in French cuisine for eons but has garnered recognition in India, just recently. It's a great cheesy alternative to pasta, pizza and lasagne and tastes as great as these common foods. Quiche is basically a baked pie made with thick but soft bread or crust filled with eggs, milk and cream, and topped with meats or vegetables and of course, cheese. 

Many varieties of quiche can be made easily at home - with chicken, mutton, or vegetables of your choice. If you want to serve a unique snack item at your party, try this scrumptious quiche that will win you the adulation of your guests. To suit the preferences of modern-day people, the traditional dish of quiche went through a lot of transformations. Here, you can learn how to make authentic French Quiche Lorraine that sticks to the original essence of the dish, when it was created. 

Ananya Banerjee, a food vlogger, teaches us how to make this delicacy through her YouTube channel, 'Chef Ananya Banerjee'. Take a look - 


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Classic French Quiche Lorraine Recipe - 

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Do try to make this quiche at home for an evening snack or as a party starter. Boast your culinary skills and get all the appreciation you deserve. 


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