Buti Yoga: A Fitness Routine Exclusively Designed for Women

NDTV Food Desk  |  Updated: April 19, 2017 17:58 IST

Buti Yoga: A Fitness Routine Exclusively Designed for Women
  • The term 'buti', surprisingly has little association with the glutes
  • The regime promises a sculpted and toned version of you
  • It also helps you connect with your emotional side

Ladies, if you are one of those who cringe at the idea of hitting the gym, step this way. Today, we're exploring a new kind of yoga practice that was designed especially for women. It was celebrity fitness trainer Bizzie Gold's idea and it has now become a new rage. Bizzie was smitten by the practice of yoga and wanted to give the ancient practice a modern twist. She wanted to devise a fitness routine exclusively for women that will make them feel confident and comfortable in their skin. What resulted was a brand new fitness routine which Gold claims to be a combination of yogic techniques, tribal dance and primal movements and she called it Buti Yoga.

The term 'buti', surprisingly has little association with the glutes (as you would mistakenly imagine), rather one can appropriate it to the Indian term that stands for something obscure to an extent of being magical. Yes, Bizzie regards the technique as a tool to help women reveal their more potent and powerful hidden qualities. The regime promises a sculpted and toned version of you and also helps awaken the mind and helps you connect with your emotional side.

"I was fascinated by the Indian term 'Jadi Buti' which refers to magical Ayurvedic herbs that were once obscure and inaccessible. The term kept coming back to me and that is how everything started," noted Gold in one of her YouTube videos. Gold has been practicing Buti Yoga for close to 6 years and has managed to popularize the technique in over 22 countries. She has already certified close to 3000 instructors all across the globe. "I see this practice as a cure to anything that holds you back from within, this can really help you get back your child-like power you once had," she shares.

How it Works

"Our bodies are flexible and capable of dynamic movements; most practices treat the body as if it were a square while our bodies are quite cylindrical," explains Gold in a video on her official website. We should try to practice a combination of linear postures and fluid movements to keep our body fit. Gold believes that in most cases, we tend to overwork certain muscle groups and completely ignore the rest, some of which are crucial to our endocrine and hormonal system as well as for our overall health. This is why she incorporated the spiral structure technique in her version of dynamic yoga.

Buti Yoga studios are power-packed with women. The energy here is electrifying, empowering and so liberating! If you cannot find a Buti Yoga studio or a certified instructor nearby, you can take a cue from these videos.

CommentsGold's unique fitness technique is seen as a departure from the traditional yogic practice yet retaining its essence. She reasons by stating that our bodies, in the contemporary world that we inhabit, demand much more than what our predecessors did over 6000 years ago. Change is, therefore, the only constant!

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