Dynamic Stretching: 5 Super Effective Exercises to Warm Up

Devanshi Mohla  |  Updated: April 04, 2017 15:08 IST

Dynamic Stretching: 5 Super Effective Exercises to Warm Up
  • Dynamic stretching is done with motion or movement
  • It increases the blood and oxygen flow in the body
  • Static stretching is considered to be a different segment
Dynamic stretching, as the name suggests, is stretching done with motion or movement. Dynamic stretching increases the blood and oxygen flow in the body and improves the range of moment, which helps immensely in any professional sports and athletics. It was around 10 years ago when dynamic stretching replaced static stretching in the sports world. Dynamic stretching and warm up routines are incorporated by athletes today for preparation of big events and tournaments. A lot of trainers recommend dynamic stretching just before working out. Static stretching is considered to be a different segment.

There are several reasons why dynamic stretches are model for core warm ups:
  • It actuates the muscles, which are to be used in the workout or game. Where static stretching focuses on just one determined muscle area of the body, dynamic stretching involves two or more muscle areas by adding twists to traditional exercises.
  • Improves your flexibility
  • Improves your kinesthetic awareness, which is why it is advised to practice dynamic stretching prior to field games like football, lawn tennis, cricket and hockey which require coordination skills and balance.
  • It intensifies your muscle power, which helps improve overall athletic performance.
How to Perform Dynamic Stretching
Here is an easy 5-minute warmup routine of dynamic stretching -

1. Lunges with a Twist: 

You stretch your legs parallel to the floor bending one knee and balancing yourself using the other foot while adding a twist to the opposite side of the bent leg. The lunges activate the hips, legs and the gluteus muscles, while the twist stretches middle and upper back. The alternation of legs and twist will create a rotation and increase the impact of this exercise.

Photo Credit: Facebook/CrossFit Orenda

2. Knee to Chest: 

Stand tall bringing your knee up till the chest while raising the opposite foot on the toe, straining the calf muscles. Support the knee using your hands to bring the knee higher. This stretches the lower back, hamstrings and the hip flexors.

3. High Kicks:

Stretch your legs straight, as high as you can, and try and grab it with the alternate hand. Make it a rapid movement. The high kicks help improve range of motion and warmup hamstrings. You can incorporate the high kicks while walking for better results.
Photo Credits: Facebook/FCBayernMunich

4.  Arm Swings: 

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Move your arms back and forth continuously for 30 seconds standing tall. If comfortable, you can add high back kicks (try to touch heel of the foot to the hip) in the 30 seconds routine. The stretches mainly focus on shoulder while the back kicks strain the thigh muscles.

5.  Arm Circles:

This is advised before you start any routine. Since the shoulder has the maximum rotation capacity than any other joint in the body, trainers advise to do this exercise the properly. Move your arms vigorously in forward direction and then backward direction. One can throw in weights (low weight dumb bells) to enhance the affect. This helps to reduce arm fats.

arm circles

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