What is CrossFit Training? A Complete Guide

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What is CrossFit Training? A Complete Guide
What do we know about CrossFit? It's a gruelling workout regime that compels you to stretch your limits and push yourself to new heights. Sledge hammers, monkey bars, workout bands and dumbbells - they soon become more than just workout tools. CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning programme based on functional movements which reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. The actual workout is just about 20 minutes long but it maximises the amount of work done in the shortest time.

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With over 13,000 centres just in the United States, CrossFit promotes a sense of community; one where those obsessed with fitness can observe and measure results of rigorous and consistent workouts. But it isn't just limited to daily fitness levels; CrossFit prepares trainees for any kind of physical contingency. BodyPower met with James Shields, director of the Athlete Centre in Oxford, who offers Crossfit trainings as well as many other workouts, allowing you to become a better and fitter you.

In every CrossFit centre, you'll find a white board with a whole lot of fitness jargons - 3 reps of 50 squats, 2 reps of pull ups, etc. Don't let this intimidate you. It's not just the numbers or reps aka repetitions that'll propel you towards fitness, it's the posture and the technique you apply while doing these exercises.

BodyPower asked James to give a quick run through of the various terms used in a CrossFit class.

Does CrossFit work you down to the bone? Well, yes. But it also helps you reform your fitness levels remarkably. If you're planning to sign up for CrossFit, get ready to push yourself instead of slowing down.

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