11 Best Easy Recipes in Hindi | Easy Hindi Recipes

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11 Best Easy Recipes in Hindi | Easy Hindi Recipes
  • Celery can easily fit into your weight loss diet plan
  • Try a wholesome chicken salad with Asian sauces
  • Intimidated by baking? Try our no-bake cookies!

Easy Hindi Recipes- Cooking does not have to be elaborate and time consuming. So, if you're new to cooking or simply pressed for time, try our easy recipes in Hindi. These don't require fancy ingredients or a long and lengthy process. Recipes such as chicken sandwich, Bombay toasty or microwave dhokla are simple and quick yet delicious and satisfying. The best part is that you'll spend less than 30 minutes in preparing each one of these which makes them perfect for days when you're too lazy, too busy or perhaps too hungry to wait!

From easy snacks to quick meals, we've have covered all your needs. Here is a list of our 11 Best Easy Recipes In Hindi | Quick And Easy Hindi Recipes

Comments1. Kanyakumari Fish Curry Without Oil Recipe in Hindi

A lovely fish curry made Kerala-style but without a drop of oil. Trust us, it tastes as good and you will never know the difference. Enjoy the tangy flavours of tamarind and tomatoes and a fresh burst of coconut. With mild spices, shallots and curry leaves, this fish curry is total stunner.

91mpfjsSavour the delicious fish curry from kanyakumari, made absolutely oil-less!

2. Low Fat Celery Soup Recipe in Hindi

Celery can easily fit into your weight loss diet plan. It is low in calories and full of water and fiber that keeps your stomach full and leaves you satisfied. Try this creamy and delicious celery soup - perfect on a breezy evening with some crisp and buttered toast. 

celery soupCelery can easily fit into your weight loss diet plan and this delicious celery soup is just what you need.

3. Asian Chicken Salad Recipe in Hindi

This wholesome chicken salad with Asian sauces is just what you need for your luncheon or Sunday brunch. A lovely mix of seasonal greens, grilled chicken strips, sesame seeds and almonds drizzled with a sweet-chilli dressing. 

saladA wholesome chicken salad with Asian sauces is way too delicious to resist.

4. No Bake Cookies Recipe in Hindi

Trying to fight a sudden hunger attack? Well, you don't need to. These no-bake cookies are easy to make and fuss-free and the best part is that you don't need to be a baking pro to get them right! Make a batch and store them for whenever hunger strikes. 

cookiesThese no-bake cookies are easy to make ​and full with goodness of oats.

5. Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe in Hindi

A sinful treat that gives you the best of both worlds - spongy cake and oozing melted chocolate. While you may have enjoyed this desserts at various restaurants but it is super easy to make at home. Just follow this simple recipe and you'll have an impressive dessert in minutes. 

lava cakeA sinful treat that gives you the best of both worlds.

6. Urlai Roast Recipe in Hindi

A delicious recipe from down South. This authentic recipe has been shared by Chef Praveen Anand from popular restaurant Dakshin in Chennai. Baby potatoes are roasted and then cooked with simply with onions, tomatoes and Chettinad masala. 

urali roastA delicious recipe from down South with a delicious chettinad flavour.

7. Microwave Dhokla Recipe in Hindi

Make this Gujarati favourite in a microwave. An ideal tea time snack, a soft and spongy dhokla may seem challenging to get but this easy recipe will make sure you enjoy your treat. Make sure that you stick to the cooking time for the perfect dhoklas.
dhoklaMake this Gujarati staple favourite in a microwave in absolutely no time.

8. Bombay Toasty Recipe in Hindi

Hungry and don't want to spend hours in the kitchen? This quick sandwich recipe straight from the streets of Mumbai will come to your rescue. Just bung in some juicy slices of tomatoes, cucumbers and mashed masala potatoes between buttered and toasted bread. 
bombay toastyA quick sandwich from the streets of Mumbai.

9. Soya Uttapamas Recipe in Hindi

These soya uttapams are perfect if you're hungry before dinner or need a super quick breakfast on a busy morning. They are healthy and can be whipped up in no time. No gluten in this recipe, so those who are gluten intolerant can enjoy. 

soya uttapamsThese soya uttapams are perfect for breakfast or those mid-day hunger pangs.

10. Crispy Andhra Bhindi

Full of masalas and fried, here's an interesting way to use bhindis. Throw in some grated coconut for freshness and roasted chana dal and peanuts for extra crunch. 

bhindiAn innovative okra recipe with the goodness of coconut.

11.Homemade Chicken Sandwich in Hindi

A breakfast, brunch or a mid-day snack recipe that is just so easy and quick that you can make it whenever you feel like having a peppery chicken sandwich doused in luscious mayonnaise. Locked between bread along with lettuce and capsicum, this sandwich recipe is the answer to all your hunger pangs.

homemade chicken sandwichTasty and filling chicken sandwich that you can pack for your kid's tiffin or serve for breakfast.

The only thing better than a delicious meal is a quick and delicious meal. Each of these recipes above will fulfill all your expectations, rest assured. 

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