11 Best 4-Ingredient Recipes | Easy and Quick Summer Recipes

Sarika Rana  |  Updated: January 23, 2019 17:20 IST

11 Best 4-Ingredient Recipes | Easy and Quick Summer Recipes
  • These 4 ingredient recipes can help you cut down cooking time
  • Easy to make, they are guaranteed to impress
  • If you haven't tried them yet, do it right away

Easy Summer Recipes- Summers are excruciatingly hot these days and we hate to stand in the kitchen for hours cooking meals to satiate those mid-day hunger pangs. When it comes to snacking, you especially don't want to keep it heavy.  As such, quick and easy recipes with just a handful of recipes come as a blessing. Using just four ingredients - excluding salt, pepper, accompaniments such as dipping sauces and crisp breads, and optional garnishes - you can cut down the amount of time you have to spend preparing food yet stir dish out delicious and nutritious meals. So, are you already craving for some quick snacks that don't take up forever to cook and satiate your palates at the same time?

We bring you our 11 best 4-ingredient recipes that will make you want to hit the kitchen right now.

1. Jamun Mint Popsicles

Use the tarty summer fruit to create pretty, purple-hued popsicles to impress your friends. Ridiculously easy to make, you can sprinkle some black salt or chaat masala too for a desi twist. All you need is some jamuns, sprigs of mint, lime and sugar and there you have it!

jamun mintYou can sprinkle some black salt or chaat masala too for a desi twist; Image credit: Istock

2. Caramel Custard in a Pressure Cooker

Here's an easy caramel custard recipe with a twist. This one's made in a pressure cooker and is way quicker and easier to make. So why wait, when you can prepare some for yourself within no time? You would need eggs, sugar, milk and vanilla essence. CommentscustardCaramel custard recipe with a twist; Image credit: Istock

3. Bread Pudding

A delicate pudding of bread, milk, raisins and marmalade that will take no time to prepare, bread pudding is that easy. If you haven't tried it yet, do it already!

bread puddingA delicate pudding of bread; Image credit: Istock

4. Chocolate Coffee Truffle

An easy dessert that combines two of our most favourite flavours - chocolate and coffee, chocolate coffee truffle are simple round balls with a creamy center that have an extra kick of coffee powder. All you need is dark chocolate confectioner, cooking cream, coffee powder and some sugar to make perfection.
chocolate coffee truffleChocolate coffee truffle are simple round balls with a creamy centre; Image credit: Istock

5. Banana Chips

These banana chips fried in coconut oil are perfect to snack on while watching your favourite series or movies. They are best stored in an air tight container and can last for days. The four ingredients used include unripe green plantains, coconut oil, turmeric and chilli powder.
banana chipsBanana chips fried in coconut oil; Image credit: Istock

6. Apple Fritters

Apple fritters are the perfect dessert to satisfy your sugar cravings. Crisp, deep-fried apple slices wrapped in a batter sprinkled with sugar and served hot. Ingredients include all-purpose flour, milk, apples and granulated sugar.

apple frittersApple fritters are the perfect dessert to satisfy your sugar cravings; Image credit: Istock

7. Lemon Pepper Popcorn

Make your movie night a blockbuster hit with this all-time favourite nibble with a slight twist. Choose to change the classic popcorn with a lemony touch. Ingredients including butter flavoured popcorn, lemon zest, amchoor powder and lemon juice.

lemon popcornClassic popcorn with a lemony touch; Image credit: Istock

8. Lemon Ginger Ice

An icy treat for a hot summer day made with lemon, ginger, honey and sugar, lemon ginger ice makes the perfect blend of health and taste. Quick to make, it will leave you asking for more.
lemon ginger iceAn icy treat for a hot summer day made with lemon; Image credit: Istock

9. Moong Dal ki Pakori

Fried fritters made from soaked and ground lentils and served with some tangy chutney of your choice. All you need is soaked dhuli moong dal, fenugreek leaves, ginger and oil.

10. Microwave Chocolate Fudge

Make delicious chocolate fudge in a matter of minutes in a microwave and gorge on to this delight with no guilt. All you need to use are chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, butter and chopped walnuts and there you have it!

chocolate fudgeDelicious chocolate fudge in a matter of minutes; Image credit: Istock

11. Banana and Maple Ice Lollies

Frozen bananas ground along with greek yogurt, maple syrup and heavy cream. Frozen perfectly in popsicles moulds, these banana and maple ice lollies are a great home made dessert option for kids.

Easy and quick these can be perfect India dessert to make for dinner parties.

Now go on and indulge guilt free! These recipes with not just save you time but also make you enjoy your snack to the fullest.

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