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  • fruit cupcakes cake hindi

    कपकेक, जो चीनी, फ्रूट्स, पुदीना पत्ती और व्हीप्ड क्रीम से भरे हैं। क्यों पढ़कर ही मुंह में पानी आ गया न।

  • vanilla bean cupcakes hindi

    आप भी घर पर ट्राई करें यह खुबसूरत वनीला कपकेक। इसमें बादाम की सुगंध वाली क्रीम और कटे हुए बादाम से टापिंग की जाती है। ये कपकेक बच्चों को बहुत ही पसंद आएंगे।

  • strawberry amaranth cupcakes hindi

    सर्दियों में गुनगुनी धूप में बैठकर इस कपकेक को खाने का मज़ा अलग ही है। स्ट्रॉबेरी और ऐमरैन्थ से तैयार किए गए इस कपकेक में मौजूद बटरक्रीम के आप दिवाने हो जाएंगे। एक बार खाने ...

  • peanut butter / chocolate cupcakes hindi

    केक खाना किसे पसंद नहीं होता? हर कोई इसका दिवाना है। मीठा और नटी स्वाद देने वाला यह पीनट बटर और चॉकलेट बार कपकेक आपके घर में मौजूद सभी बच्चों का फेवरिट बन जाएगा।

  • eggless coffee cupcakes hindi

    कॉफी के फ्लेवर के साथ सॉफ्ट और स्पॉन्जी कपकेक। कॉफी क्रीम चीज़ फ्रॉस्टिंग इसे यमी टेस्ट देती है। बच्चों को इसका स्वाद खूब पसंद आएगा। इसे आप शाम की चाय के साथ भी खा सकते ...

  • eggless red velvet cupcakes hindi

    अगर आपका कुछ मीठा खाने का मन है तो चुकंदर के फ्लेवर के साथ तैयार करे वेल्वेट कप केक। बच्चों से लेकर बड़ों तक सभी को इन कप केक का स्वाद पसंद आएगा। आप भी ...

  • Spider Cake

    This sweet and spooky spider cake is sure to cast a spell on everyone this halloween.

  • Cupmantryam

    This Christmas cup cake is a fruity delight and super easy to make.

  • Strawberry Amaranth Cupcakes

    This sinful cupcake is a winter delight, loaded with the seasonal goodness of the winter berry and amaranth flour. The delicate buttercream is hard to resist!

  • Gulkand Cupcake

    An easy-to-bake, eggless cupcake recipe with the aroma and flavour of the sweet rose petal preserve - gulkand. These beauties can be quickly whipped up for a festive dinner party.

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    Hear it out, you cupcake lovers! There is indeed a 'way' to bite into this sweet delight, and you must know about it to make our experience even more enjoyable.

  • Cupcake Paradise

    The desserts at the new store on Carter Road make delicious punctuation points, even in the gloomiest afternoons.A really good cup cake is always appropriate. As a simple snack with a light cup of tea ...

  • The Red Velvet Project

    My first encounter with this little piece of joy was as a birthday surprise by a friend who had just returned from the States (which happens to be the red velvet's homeland). Who knew that ...

  • The red velvet sensation: How it all began

    Sitting by the window of the coffee shop of the famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, enjoying the beautiful summer morning and sipping my Arabica beans coffee, I suddenly had this urge for something ...

  • 9 Best Cupcake Recipes

    When the cupcake revolution took off, little did the pastry chefs know that it would take the world by storm. So much so that years later it still seems to be the top selling item ...

  • Everything You Need to Know About Cake Frosting

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  • Readers' Recipe Swap: Vegan

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  • Good Things Come in Small Packages

    Finally, Bandraites can skip the trek to SoBo for Burmese Kaukswe. Popular Pan Asian restaurant Busaba opens its pint-sized avatar where one can savour their signature dishes in miniature servings.After mini cupcakes, macaroons and rolls, ...

  • The Dessert Quest: Delhi

    Don't wait for the perfect moment, take a moment, enjoy a dessert and make it perfect... and when you decide to do that we'd like to help! Having wiped the frosting off our faces, here's ...

  • A Crodough With Your Tea? London Eats up New Baking Craze

    First there was the Cronut, now there's the Dosant and the Crodough. Londoners, it seems, just can't get enough of their doughnut-croissant crossovers.From hip east London to tea rooms, high-street cafes and sky-rise restaurants, the ...