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  • Beerkaya Pachadi

    This Andhra-style ridge gourd chutney is taste with nutrition. It can be mixed with rice or eaten with dosa or rotis and is very easy to make.

  • Peerkangai Kootu

    Peerkangai (ridge gourd) kootu is a common dish in Tamil Nadu. This dish combines moong dal with ridge gourd. It's a great accompaniment with rice and rasam. It can also be eaten along with rotis.

  • Nalikeram Ulli Chammandi (Coconut and Shallot Chutney)

    Simple yet flavoursome, this Kerala-style chutney is perfect when you need a quick accompaniment for dosa at breakfast.

  • Machcha Besarou

    This fried fish marinated in turmeric and cooked in mustard, garlic and tomatoes is a typical Oriya dish and goes extremely well with rice.

  • Karivepille Yera (Curry Leaves Flavored Prawns)

    Crispy fried prawns flavored with a homemade spice paste made of curry leaves, red chillies, urad dal and chana dal.

  • Lauki with Curry Leaves

    Bottle gourd, onions and green beans are sauteed with herbs, garlic-ginger, lime juice and curry leaves.

  • Curry Leaves Chutney

    An unusual chutney made with curry leaves, onions and tamarind pulp.

  • Soft Shell Crab, Flame Roast Coconut Chips, Crispy Curry Leaves

    Marinated with flavours, crabs are dipped in batter, fried an tossed in freshly made coconut masala.

  • Chicken Mousse

    Perfect for summer, as a main dish or starter, minced chicken in white sauce, cream and spiced butter, chilled overnight.

  • Andhra Pepper Chicken

    Chicken marinated with coriander and lemon and cooked on high heat with curry leaves. It is a perfect evening time snack that can be enjoyed by all.

  • Kombu Barthad

    About Kombu Barthad Recipe: Kombu barthad is a recipe made with mushrooms and cooked with chillies, curry leaves and coconut vinegar. It's essentially a Coorgi dish but is also enjoyed in large parts of Karnataka.

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