Paranthas Recipes

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  • Dal Parantha

    This home cooked dal parantha is full of delicious flavours. Best for winters it is easy and quick to cook. The spices add to a perfect taste that it is usually liked by people of ...

  • Methi Ajwain Parantha

    About Methi Ajwain Parantha Recipe: Perhaps the most loved dish in India is the Parantha and its various flavours. While we always drool over those buttery hot stuffed paranthas at our favourite restaurant, you might ...

  • Onion Seed Paratha

    About Onion Seed Paratha Recipe | Paratha Recipe: Parathas are something none of us can ever resist. Weather for a heavy breakfast, lunch or just a simple dinner, easy paratha recipes are a saviour on ...

  • White Chocolate Parathas

    A chocolate parantha? Who would have thought?

  • Ulte Tawe ka Paratha

    About Ulte Tawe ka Paratha Recipe | Paratha Recipe: Ulta tawa literally translated means "inverted griddle." This nawabi parantha is cooked on an inverted tawa which resembles a kadai minus the handle. It has a ...

  • Aloo ka Paratha

    About Aloo Ka Paratha | Aloo Paratha Recipe: The undisputed king of breakfast, lunch or brunch across the length and breadth of India, Aloo ka Paratha is a delicious shallow fried Indian bread. Potatoes mashed ...

  • Gobhi Ka Paratha

    Grated cauliflower together with seasoning made into hot paranthas.

  • Malabari Parotta

    About Malabari Parotta Recipe: Malabari Parotta or 'Barota' is flaky yet fluffy, crisp yet soft. It is distinct from its North Indian cousin, the Lachcha Parantha and closer to its Malay counterpart, the Roti Cannai, ...

  • Parat-Wala Paratha

    Six flour balls are rolled out and placed on top of each other to create layers, fried crisp.

  • Choorie ka Paratha

    Dhuli moong ki dal rolled into flour and made into paranthas.

  • Matar ka Paratha

    Peas and seasoning stuffed in dough and rolled out to make simmering hot paranthas.

  • Naan

    Naans with onion seeds baked, grilled or made in a tandoor.

  • Saada Paratha

    Whole wheat plain paranthas smeared with hot ghee. Enjoy this parantha with your favorite vegetable!

  • Varki Paratha

    Paranthas cooked with semolina, smeared with ghee and served hot.

  • Mixed Vegetable Paratha

    About Mixed Vegetable Paratha Recipe: A healthy paratha recipe, packed with veggies like carrot and radish that are full of healthy nutrients. Mixed veg parathas are a whole meal in itself though you can pair ...

  • Mooli Ka Paratha

    Radish and seasoning stuffed in dough and rolled out to make simmering hot paranthas.

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