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  • Smoked Eggplant Mash with Toasted Croute

    Bask your senses with the smokiness of the eggplant. Enjoy the crunchy bread with a blast of flavors that includes the spicy aromas of ginger and garlic.

  • Grilled Cheese Toast with Bacon, Avocado and Tomato

    Take the sinful cheese toast a notch higher by loading it with bacon, avocado and tomatoes. Too good to resist!

  • Egg in a Blanket

    A perfect American-style egg recipe to make your plain old breakfast toast fun and quirky. With this incredibly easy and quick recipe make your breakfast table look fun, delicious and healthy at the same time. ...

  • Gousse d' Ail (Mushroom on Toast)

    Three types of mushrooms cooked together with garlic, sherry, truffle oil and one of the most important ingredients, butter. They go perfectly on well toasted bread and make a great appetizer or even main course ...

  • Mamma Toast

    A simple toast topped with tomatoes, potatoes and cheese then grilled in the oven, and sprinkled with oregano - it was the ultimate comfort food, and a complete meal, all delicately balanced on a slice ...

  • Corn and Mushroom Tostada

    About Corn and Mushroom Tostada Recipe: Tostada is a Spanish word which means 'toasted'. A crisp fried corn tortilla topped with a medley of mushrooms, herbs, chillies, coriander, avocado, salsa and sour cream by Depot ...

  • Bacon and Mushroom Toast

    There is something more delicious that bacon crisped in butter. Fried bacon and mushrooms dipped in yogurt on buttered toast.

  • Prawn and Sesame Toast

    Great for dinner parties as a snack to munch on. A mix of chopped prawns and oriental flavours layered on bread, topped with sesame seeds and baked crisp!

  • French Toast with Musk Melon Salad

    About French Toast with Musk Melon Salad Recipe: A lovely breakfast option. Sweet French toast served with a crisp salad of musk melon, strawberries, grapes and honey.

  • Bombay Toasty

    About Bombay Toasty Recipe: A simple and speedy solution for your hunger pangs. Pan fried sandwiches filled with cucumber, tomatoes, onion and potatoes. A delicious, quick, easy and fuss-free breakfast recipe, full of nutrients.

  • Prawn Sesame Toast

    Prawn and spice mixture topped on bread slices, coated with sesame and fried golden.

  • Chipotle and Toasted Walnut Wheat Berry Salad

    Whole wheat grains cooked with vegetables, walnuts, Mexican chipotle and lots of herbs.

  • Two Minute Peanut Butter

    Peanut butter made at home in just two minutes. A perfect one to spread on your bread or whip a smoothie with.

  • French Toast

    Start your day with this tasty french toast. Bread dipped in egg batter, sugar, butter and honey. Cooked till golden. Served with cut fruits and dusted with icing sugar.

  • Mushroom Paneer Toast

    Toasted bread stuffed with a mixture of mushrooms, tomatoes, cottage cheese, chillies and spices.

  • Paneer Toasty with Salsa

    About Paneer Toasty with Salsa Recipe: Cottage cheese mixture stuffed between bread and toasted. Served with a tangy salsa.

  • Mushroom Masala Toast

    Mushroom masala spread over bread with grated cheese and baked.

  • Red Cabbage Salad with Tamari Toasted Walnuts and Edamame

    The combination of red cabbage and bright green edamame beans with walnuts in a sweet and sour glaze. Absolutely irresistible!

  • Masala Chicken on Toast

    About Masala Chicken on Toast recipe: Marinated chicken pieces stirred in with a host of flavours, served on hot buttered toast.

  • Sweet French Toast

    The classic breakfast option, French Toast only this time it is sweetened with castor sugar, sweet lime and orange juice.

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