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Of Pimples and Problematic Skin

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Of Pimples and Problematic SkinI have come across so many women who suffer from pimples. The problem isn't restricted to women, men and some teenagers are equal sufferers. They don't know what exactly to do with their skin and their diet includes junk food day in and out. I have seen people worry about their problematic skin and buying endless lotions, packs and anti-pimple creams all hoping for magical solutions overnight and many and most times finding none.

How many of us really stop to realize that pimples are usually an internal problem and we have to treat them accordingly, keeping in mind that it is a combination of internal versus external care that really helps reduce and remove these troublesome zits.

Firstly let's talk about the internal care. If you have been suffering from this problem, the most important thing is to keep a clean stomach. Avoid constipation at all costs. Take lots of green veggies like spinach, lettuce, cabbage, fenugreek, celery, among others and plenty of fresh salads and seasonal fruits. Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water daily and try and take some natural, fresh and un-canned juices along with this. This will help flush out toxins and cleanse your digestive system.

Avoid red meats and if you can't avoid non-veg food, have lean meats, fish and chicken. Along with this, it's important to avoid certain foods. Say a firm no to sweets, fried foods, heavy oily and gravy dishes, chocolates, ice creams and aerated drinks at all cost. I have seen youngsters quench their thirst with colas instead of water and their parents not saying anything at all. Never do this and if you are a parent never allow this to happen. Teach your youngsters from an early age to eat green vegetables, fruits and drink plenty of water, it may be difficult at times but believe me they will thank you in the lon run.
Now coming to the external care of the stubborn, pimple prone skin. The golden rule is to keep clean at all times, be squeaky clean! Oily skins are always an easier prey to sprouting pimples, many times starting from blackheads and whiteheads, then going on to becoming stubborn, pus filled pimples. Make an antiseptic face tonic with the following ingredients:

100 gms fresh mint leaves
Boil in 1 litre of water, strain and let it cool
Add 1 tsp of camphor and dissolve in this solution completely.
Store this in the fridge and wipe your skin with this several times a day to remove excess oiliness.

Make a skin pack with the following:
Sandalwood powder
Fuller's earth
Rose water
Mix this and keep in a small bowl in the fridge and apply on clean skin.
Let it dry completely and wash off with cold water.
This should be done three to four times a week for results.
I would also like to emphasis the fact that constantly touching the pimples with dirty fingers is not going to make them disappear, they'll remain there and whatever you may do, for god's sake don't pick or squeeze at them. This will not only cause infection but also leave marks.
If you have already made the mistake of squeezing them and suffer from marks, there is a simple homemade pack that may reduce the marks but will not make them disappear altogether:

Mix dried green pea powder with sandalwood powder, 10 ground cloves, rice powder, mint powder, neem powder, fuller's earth, camphor and stir in some rose water.
Apply all over face and neck and scrub into the skin in rotating movements very gently.
Wash off after 5-7 minutes and see how clean your skin feels.
Done regularly, this exfoliating scrub will help lighten the marks.
Now that I have tried to make you understand as to how to tackle stubborn pimple problems, start right away but remember that no one holds a magic wand to change anything except you, and for that you need to work towards it regularly and with some discipline. 

About the Author
Suparna Trikha has been extensively working with a well-known beauty expert for many years. However, she was always inclined towards the use of herbal products. With this concept in mind, she started India's first 100% natural skin & hair center - 'Suparna's Aaveda', that dealt with skin and hair problems the natural way, without the use of any chemicals or synthetics.

Suparna has been a regular beauty columnist with The Telegraph, Savvy, Sahara, Hindustan Times and has given expert advice to magazines like Femina, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire, to name a few. She has also done a series of programmes on various Indian channels and was approached by BBC to do an exclusive programme about her work. More about here.

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