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Coconut Oil

'Coconut Oil' - 242 Recipe Result(s)

  • Mangalorean Prawn Curry

    Prawns cooked in coconut oil with a spicy tamarind gravy, Mangalorean style.

  • Avial (Mixed Vegetable Curry)

    A soothing vegetable curry from all the way from Kerala. Made with Southern flavours of raw bananas, drumsticks, ash gourd, yam and coconut.

  • Chicken Korma with Coconut Milk

    Chicken breast pieces marinated in yogurt. Cooked with coconut milk and varied spices.

  • Creole Crevette (Prawns in Coconut Milk)

    Dig into a bowl of gorgeous prawns cooked in smooth coconut milk and yogurt.

  • Chicken Curry in Coconut Milk

    Tender chicken in a coconut milk gravy, adorned with spices.

  • Beetroot and Coconut Soup

    A great blend of delicate flavors of beetroot, coconut milk and lime.

  • Meen Mulligatanni

    This simple fish curry is to die for. Based in thick coconut milk, it is made from a handful of ingredients, chilli being the most prominent one. It tastes best when served with rice.

  • Fried Coconut Chicken

    Strips of chicken crumb fried in a coconut mixture. These tasty bites will get any party started. Served with a flavorsome dipping sauce.

  • Coconut Rice

    The versatility of rice is pepped up with comforting flavours of coconut, coconut milk and mild spices. The freshness of this recipe will get you hooked!

  • Fish Gassi

    Delicious fish stir fried in a coconut and masala paste, simmered in tamarind paste and coconut milk. A recipe from South India.

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