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  • Cappuccino

    Why do you want to go out and buy yourself some coffee? A large cuppa coffee at the breakfast table made at home on a wintery morning. Bliss.

  • Filter Coffee

    This recipe hails from South India. A very famous coffee which is filtered through a perforated container, mixed with some milk and served foamy.

  • Iced Coffee

    A layer of flavours with rum/liqueur, nutmeg, coffee and ice cream, topped off with coffee ice cubes!

  • Coffee Cake with Mocha Frosting

    A delightful moist cake with an intense coffee flavor. Iced with a creamy coffee mocha frosting.

  • Ragi Coffee Cake with Kahlua Chocolate Ganache

    A decadent coffee cake made with the goodness of ragi flour, and topped with rich chocolate ganache that is spiked with Kahlua for that extra coffee kick.

  • Irish Coffee

    Irish coffee is a bewitching combination of sweet, whisky-laced coffee through softly-whipped cream. Very simple, very indulgent, very delicious.

  • Coffee Walnut Cake

    Coffee, nutty cake is a good tea time option.

  • Coffee Mousse

    Sponge cake slices soaked in sweetened coffee. Topped with a thick layer of coffee custard with whipped cream.

  • Coffee Granita

    This black coffee granita is sure to give you a kick. It is usually topped with whipped cream but in this variation it is served with a french toast.

  • Cold Coffee

    A classic cold coffee is chilled, refreshing and has that perfect kick of coffee. All you need is a few ingredients, a blender to whip up this gorgeous drink.

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