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'Picnic' - 179 Recipe Result(s)

  • Bajre ka Thepla

    Bajre ka Thepla

    A Gujarati specialty, which makes for a great travel or picnic food.

  • Idli Burger

    Idli Burger

    It's not just another burger, it's one with a South Indian twist. The crusted patty is made from fried pieces of rice idli and smeared with a tangy chutney.

  • Aloo ke Chips

    Aloo ke Chips

    Ditch the boring bag of potato chips and go for these homemade crispy munchies, that are much healthier. You can bake or fry them!

  • Bacon and Herb Scones

    Bacon and Herb Scones

    Bites of cheese, bacon, herbs, curd and condiments, baked just right.

  • Banana Cake

    Banana Cake

    Super easy banana cake recipe with a nutty crunch.

  • Bombay Toasty

    Bombay Toasty

    A simple and speedy solution for your hunger pangs. Pan fried sandwiches filled with cucumber, tomatoes, onion and potatoes.

  • Cheese and Chilly Quesadillas

    Cheese and Chilly Quesadillas

    A quick snack to keep your mid meal cravings in place. Also a great way to use up leftover rotis. Flat bread stuffed with cheese and chilly and pan fried.

  • Cheese Papdi

    Cheese Papdi

    Crisp, deep fried snacks made with a cheesy dough.

  • Chocolate Clusters

    Chocolate Clusters

    Crunchy chocolate droplets that melt in your mouth and please your soul.

  • Chocolate Peanut Slice

    Chocolate Peanut Slice

    Honey, oats and peanut butter baked, topped with white and dark chocolate.

'Picnic' - 10 Article Result(s)

  • Readers' Recipe Swap: Picnics

    Readers' Recipe Swap: Picnics

    We packed basket and blanket for a picnic in the park and your alfresco menus didn't disappointI'm a bit of a picnic fanatic - I find even a bag of crisps tastes better in the ...

  • Fried-Noodle Sandwich Recipe

    Fried-Noodle Sandwich Recipe

    Widely available in Japanese convenience stories as 'yakisoba pan', this simple concoction makes for a solid post-pub snackWhile in the UK and US we might be found wolfing burgers and kebabs after a night out, ...

  • How to Make the Perfect Coleslaw

    How to Make the Perfect Coleslaw

    Felicity Cloake is determined to make coleslaw cool again. Or, at least, nice.How do you make yours?Sometime in the last decade, coleslaw, so familiar a fixture of every Boxing Day buffet and summer picnic, has ...

  • Felicity Cloake's Veggie Scotch Eggs - Recipe

    Felicity Cloake's Veggie Scotch Eggs - Recipe

    Spicy chickpeas replace the sausage meat in this easy vegetarian version of a classic scotch egg, from Felicity Cloake's perfect picnic.A British picnic classic with the flavours of Moorish Spain, these are as delicious as ...

  • Felicity Cloake's Picnic Recipes

    Felicity Cloake's Picnic Recipes

    Whether you've only half an hour to spare, or can take your time, there's always a way to knock up a tasty picnic.If you have only half an hourThirty minutes is quite sufficient to throw ...

  • How to make the perfect plum cobbler

    How to make the perfect plum cobbler

    This homely American classic is a wild west fruit pie and delicious with plums. But where does the name come from?The abrupt end of summer may have spoiled our picnic plans, but it does have ...

  • How to eat: nachos

    How to eat: nachos

    Nachos are one of the titans of trash food. But do you serve them with chilli or pulled pork? Drown them in cheese sauce? Or grilled Monterey Jack? And can you share your nachos or ...

  • Spiced Lamb Buns

    Spiced Lamb Buns

    Finger food writ large, these deliciously portable buns are an easily freezable one-piece lunchThese are quite nifty for a picnic or a long walk, particularly if made smaller, though as a big bun with a ...

  • Jack Monroe's Pissaladiere Recipe

    Jack Monroe's Pissaladiere Recipe

    Pitta bread makes a cheap and fuss-free base for these onion and anchovy tarts, which are perfect picnic fareThis is a play on the traditional French pissaladière, an onion and anchovy tart usually made with ...

  • How to Make the Perfect Taramasalata

    How to Make the Perfect Taramasalata

    Savoury food of the Greek gods or pungent pariah of the picnic? Do you use salted or savoury roe, what do you serve it with - and will anyone admit to a passion for the ...