Sprouts Recipes

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  • Mixed Sprouts Corn Chaat

    Craving for chaat? Try this healthy sprouts and corn chaat recipe. Loaded with proteins, Vitamin K, dietary fiber, Vitamin C, and Folate, this recipe is a storehouse of nutrients.

  • Bean Sprout Salad

    Bean sprouts, carrots, cucumbers and spring onion doused with fresh dressing and seasoning.

  • Crispy Omelette Baskets

    A fluffy omelette with vegetables, bean sprouts and crispy cashew nuts cut into thin strips. Placed inside crunchy and golden potato baskets. A hearty meal, perfect to gorge on a weekend.

  • Sproutamin Salad

    It couldn't get easier and healthier than this. Sprouts and fruits come togethar to make a good-for-you salad.

  • Usal

    A spicy snack of sprouts sauteed in masalas.

  • Vaal (Bean Sprouts)

    Vaal is cooked with coconut paste and masalas till it's soft and full of flavour. Served with steamed rice.

  • Low Cal Bhel Puri

    Low calorie Indian snack. Bhel puri with bean sprouts.

  • Mixed Leaves Salad

    This salad has it all. The sweetness of the mango, the crunchiness of the pear and nuts, the leafy greens and a cheesy dressing.

  • Sprouts Jalfrezi

    You've heard about vegetable or chicken jalfrezi how about tweak it a bit and cook up a healthier version of this dish with moong sprouts.

  • Assorted Vegetable Salad

    A melange of boiled vegetables like carrots, bean sprouts, cauliflower florets sprinkled with sesame seeds, soy sauce and fried onion.

  • Balinese Jukut Urab

    'Balinese Jukut Urab' is a mixed vegetable salad with beans, spinach, sprouts, grated coconut dressed in sweet and sour flavors.

  • Chicken in Lettuce

    Stir fried chicken pieces cooked with bean sprouts and bell peppers, wrapped in lettuce leaf and served with sauce.

  • Jhinge ka Soup

    A wholesome cup made from stock, tamarind, prawns, pineapple, bean sprouts and seasoning.

  • Matki Chi Usal

    Green grams cooked with jaggery, coconut, tomatoes and peanut powder. Served with pav or jowar roti.

  • Oriental Chicken Strips

    Oriental flavored chicken strips stir fried and served on a bed of methi sprouts and plum salad.

  • Pad Thai (Fried Noodles)

    Flat noodles beautifully entangled with tofu, eggs, beansprouts and sauces.

  • Sprout Chaat

    A healthy snack of sprouted lentils and beans with lemon juice and spices.

  • Thai Soyabean In Cabbage Cups

    Its vegetarian, its low fat and filled with flavor. Try this Thai soya bean salad with bean sprouts, chillies, the crunchiness of vegetables and the zing of lemon juice.

  • Smoked Chicken, Whisky & Pearl Barley Salad

    In this recipe, the ancient grain pearl barley gets spiked with whisky and pairs beautifully with the flavour of smoked chicken. The warm salad combined with the crunch of sprouts, cucumber and pomegranate makes it ...

  • Baked Thai Chicken

    Assorted veggies served with zesty chicken.