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    • Restaurants Counter Outside Cakes With Cakeage Fees

      Cakes are meaningful, so it is no surprise that people sometimes bring them along to a restaurant as a celebratory coda to a special meal.

    • Black-Eyed Peas Are a One-Day Wonder. Field Peas Are Forever.

      Black-eyed peas, simmered with cured pork and served with soupy greens or folded into rice for some hoppin John, promise a year of luck and money.

    • Small Kitchens, by Choice

      In the urban technology centers that have become the nations new factory towns, the kitchen gold standard glorified in design magazines.

    • California's Drought Changes Habits in the Kitchen

      For the first time, state officials ordered residents of every city and town to conserve water or face consequences.

    • Fudge Pop Perfection

      There are several recipes for frozen fudge pops floating around, some of which use corn syrup or cornstarch to control body and texture, and others that rely on what seemed to me to be an outrageous amount of cream.

    • The Kitchen-Counter Chocolatiers

      Kitchen-counter chocolatier, are people like Louis and Kathy Cahill, an Atlanta couple who recently nursed a few pounds of cacao beans for three days and ended up with nine chocolate bars.

    • A Christmas Cookie Quarrel Waged With Butter

      Good cooks know their strengths, which is why I thought Julia Moskin would understand she had no business making Christmas cookies. Christmas cookies are the pop-culture expression of the biggest Christian holiday in America. A good cookie plate is built...

    • Thanksgiving Special: How to Dazzle Without the Frazzle

      NATCHEZ, Miss. - Regina Charboneau, who is much more organized than you are, will host 145 people at her house this Thanksgiving. She is related to nearly all of them. Her family tree has been growing in this tiny charm of a town on the ...

    • Staying Cool When the Fat Hits the Fire

      When I'm with a chef, I always ask for the secret to good cooking. Once we get past the long speeches about the importance of passion, I usually hear a version of what Adam Evans, the chef at the Optimist in Atlanta, told me recently. ...

    • Okra's Triumph of Taste Over Texture

      Okra has been like the awkward girl no one but her family thought had any talent. But just look at okra now. Riding a wave of globalism and Southern culture's star turn, okra has found new audiences beyond those who appreciate its slime as thickener ...

    • Cooking and Loving Shrimp

      If there were such a thing as a national shrimp intervention, this may be a perfect moment for it. We are a popcorn shrimp nation, enthralled by endless shrimp platters and bulging all-you-can-eat seafood buffets. We are lovers of overstuffed po'boys,...

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