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  • Dahi Aur Bhindi

    Dahi bhindi is an easy and quick curry recipe prepared with curd which brings in the smooth and silky texture to the curry. Bhindi or Okra absorbs the spicy curd gravy and becomes juicy. Dahi ...

  • Okra Soup

    A quick and easy soup enriched with spices, okra, bacon, tomatoes, corn and capsicum. Simple, subtle yet savoury.

  • Bendakaya Pulusu (Okra in Tamarind Gravy)

    Okra in tamarind gravy or Bendakaya pulusu is a popular dish in Andhra Pradesh. The okra fried in mustard seeds is soaked in a pulp rich tamarind sauce that makes it sour and tangy.

  • Southern Style Okra

    Aditya Bal creates a south inspired dish with lady fingers, coconut and a few spices.

  • Bhindiwala Meat

    An aromatic meat preparation. Meat cooked with bhindi (okra), tomatoes and an array of masalas.

  • Bendekaayi Gojju

    Bendekaayi Gojju is a bhindi recipe from South India that belongs to the Kannada cuisine. It's sweet, tangy and very masaledar.

  • Dahi Wali Bhindi

    Garden fresh okra teamed with desi masalas and dahi for that creamy twist. Best served with boiled rice.

  • Minted Chickpeas and Crispy Okra

    Packed with flavour, crispy okra is served on top of a refreshing chickpeas salad.

  • Bhindi Do Rukha

    Bhindi a.k.a okra cooked in two ways, one fried crisp and one made into kebab or tikkis. Served with a sweet and sour jaggery-tamarind chutney.

  • Mutton With Okra Curry

    A hearty dish of meat and okra cooked with curd, tamarind and spices.

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    Okra, lady's finger or bhindi, as it is popularly known in India, has always been an amazing accompaniment to various delicacies. If you haven't tried the kurkuri bhindi then you sure have missed out on ...

  • Okra's Triumph of Taste Over Texture

    Okra has been like the awkward girl no one but her family thought had any talent. But just look at okra now. Riding a wave of globalism and Southern culture's star turn, okra has found ...

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    There are a few tricks which you need to keep in mind when buying bhindi or okra. Here's our quick guide to picking the best from the lot.

  • How to Grow Okra At Home

    Okra, commonly known lady's finger or Bhindi in India, is seasonal plant which belongs to the melon family and has beautiful flowers. Here's how to grow okra at home.

  • Okra Helps Dress Up Potato Salad

    A salad is a wonderful vehicle for okra.

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