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    • 5 Brilliant Lower Ab Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

      We provide you a complete guide for maintaining core strength and tone lower abdominal muscles, aka lower abs.

    • Video of Man Kneading Dough With Feet Lands Kake Da Hotel In Trouble

      The video which showed a man standing in a huge cooking vessel is suspected to be kneading dough with his feet.

    • Vitamin D Helps You Prevent Cold

      Eating Vitamin D supplements helps protect against cold and flu, along with tackling high levels of Vitamin D deficiency, according to the study conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital

    • ADHD: Not Bad Behavior But Physical Illness

      Structural differences were found in the brain along with delayed development compared to non-sufferers.

    • How to Get Six Pack Abs Without Going to the Gym

      Gear up and get into action with these 7 power-packed exercises to develop chiseled abdominal muscles and attractive flat abs.

    • What is Epilepsy: Its Causes and Treatment

      Epilepsy is a neurological condition, and it is commonly viewed as a reason for annulling marriages in India.

    • Ebola Strikes Again: What are the Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

      Ebola virus or ebola hemorrhagic fever is a severe illness in humans caused by a virus. Here's what you need to know.

    • The Ghazi Attack Actor Rana Daggubati's Diet And Fitness Tips to Get in Shape

      Rana had to undergo a strict diet to play his character as he had to shed a lot of weight and muscles to attain a leaner physique.

    • 11 Amazing Healing Benefits of Drinking Water in a Copper Vessel

      It was found that in ancient times our ancestors used to store water in containers made of copper. Here's why.

    • Benefits of Eating Chocolate: Why It is the Best Gift for Your Valentine

      The unending story of chocolate begins with cocoa trees that grew wild in the tropical rainforests of the Amazon basin and other areas in Central and South America for thousands of years

    • How to Do Cardio Exercises at Home: A Complete Guide

      Cardio can help in burning that unwanted body fat which leads to obesity. So get started with cardio exercises.

    • Singham 3 Superstar Suriya's Diet & Fitness Secrets for a Well-Toned Body

      Suriya is all geared up for the third installment of the action packed story of a fearless cop in Singham 3 to be released soon.

    • How to Make Cappuccino Without a Coffee Machine

      We provide you two easy ways of preparing this Italian beverage without using a coffee machine!

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