Enjoy This Healthy, High-Protein Chicken Burger For Your Cheat Meal

Neha Grover  |  Updated: June 10, 2019 14:56 IST

Enjoy This Healthy, High-Protein Chicken Burger For Your Cheat Meal

High-Protein Meal: Chicken Burger

  • Have this wholesome chicken burger to take a break from your diet
  • The burger is made with grilled chicken and feta cheese
  • This meal is full of proteins and healthier than regular burgers

Abstaining from your favourite foods can be exhausting while following a weight loss diet. But, to achieve your fitness goals, you have to compromise a bit on your taste and appetite. As they say, nothing in life comes easy. It's only fair that your hard work and relentless abstinence pays off with effective weight loss. Keeping a check on what you eat is good but to give in to your cravings once in a while is not a crime. After days of suppressing your cravings, give yourself a break indulge in a forbidden meal that will light up your mood and please your taste buds. If you want to indulge and not go overboard, go for a meal that is written off your diet list, but also does not give your diet a setback. 

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A burger is one meal that is loved by all. It falls in the defamed category of junk foods but here we create a version of burger you can make at home. It is relatively healthier than the regular burgers you get at eating joints. The cheese stuffed burger is made with grilled, not fried chicken breast. Chicken is chock-full of proteins, which is actually an essential part of your weight loss diet. So, even on your cheat day, you are not entirely cheating on your diet. 

Now, to whet your cravings, cheese is also stuffed in this burger but before you jump the gun and shun this recipe; let us point out that the cheese used here is feta cheese, which is considered to be healthier than other cheeses out there.

Convinced? So, go ahead and watch this amazing burger recipe shared by popular food vlogger, Ananya Banerjee, a food vlogger, on her YouTube channel 'Chef Ananya Banerjee'. 

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