Ever Heard of a Vegetarian Omelet? Here's Where You Can Try One

sparshita saxena  |  Updated: May 04, 2018 14:36 IST

Ever Heard of a Vegetarian Omelet? Here's Where You Can Try One
  • The unusual name of the dish grabs your attention
  • 'Moonglet' is made in butter
  • One plate costs Rs.50 and extra butter adds in another Rs.20 per plate

If the staggering variety of food options excites you, and you can't wait to try the next unique dish, my friend, thou art a foodie!

I always get excited by the multifarious display of scrummy treats offered by street food vendors across India. From heavenly jalebis, mouthwatering chaat to lipsmacking samosas and spellbinding momos, the list is long and inexhaustible. Often the best way to discover the finest street food is by looking deep within the busiest markets of the city. Honestly, most of my best meals were savoured at unbelievably thrifty rates in Delhi's Kamla Nagar, GTB Nagar, Sarojini Nagar, INA and Lajpat Nagar. On my recent visit to the Karol Bagh market, I realized how much the area has changed in recent years. The number of visitors seems to have quadrupled in the last few years. The rest seemed the same except when I entered one of the smallish lanes in search of a cup of garam chai. There, I spotted a stall abuzz with people.

This live 'moonglet' stall caught my eye. The unusual name of the dish grabs your attention followed by two boys who serve plate after plate of hot moong-dal pancakes at lightning speed. The guys are so busy keeping pace with eight pans cooking moong-dal pancakes that they barely pause to answer your queries. The moong-dal cheela, or as they call it - the 'moonglet' is made in butter and stuffed with onions, sweet corn, bell peppers, ginger, beetroot, and fresh coriander. One plate costs Rs.50 and extra butter adds in another Rs.20 per plate. The eatery also offers the Jain version, without any onion, ginger or garlic.


"I live nearby and I visit the stall quite frequently. This one is completely vegetarian yet it feels like having a fluffy omelet stuffed with veggies minus the distinct smell of an egg. I think it deserves the name, moonglet - a vegetarian omelet," shared Rohini Shah who frequents the stall.

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"Moong dal chilla has always been a healthy snack. This one is so flavourful and loaded with butter that it redefines the concept of comfort eating. It is an apt snack for nippy winter evenings," noted another happy foodie, Manjeet Kaur.

So, the next time you visit Karol Bagh and need some refueling before you resume your shopping, don't forget to ask for the Live Moonglet stall. Already been there? Share your experiences with us and tell us what you thought of it. A bite of pillowy moonglet brought out the shy foodie in me as I went ahead and got another one packed.

Street food in India brims with diversity. It is the best way to unravel the spirit of the place that you inhabit. Local techniques, indigenous ingredients and traditional recipes weave a delectable handiwork of comforting, delicious food best exhibited in rustic, colourful street food stalls across the country.

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