Happy Birthday, Tiger Shroff! A Peek Into the Star's Strict & Disciplined Lifestyle

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Happy Birthday, Tiger Shroff! A Peek Into the Star's Strict & Disciplined Lifestyle
  • Happy Birthday, Tiger Shroff!
  • Son of Ayesha and Jackie Shroff
  • Tiger Shroff has undergone motion and flexibility training
Picture credit : instagram/tigerjackieshroff

Tiger Shroff, son of Ayesha and Jackie Shroff is one of the newest star-sons to join Bollywood. Tiger Shroff made his first appearance in the film ‘Heropanti’ only in 2014, but very few know that he was famously signed by Director Subhash Ghai as a baby twenty years ago! According to reports Subhash Ghai had sent his father, Jackie Shroff a cheque and an offer to make a movie with him at the time of Tiger’s birth. While that movie is still to be announced, Tiger Shroff has been creating a lot of ripples in the industry due to his amazing fitness levels.

His perfectly built body and fitness have created a new benchmark for everyone to follow. Tiger Shroff has undergone motion and flexibility training which included pike, wall flips and leaps and 360 degree backward twists which were on full display in his very first movie. Over the last 3 years he has left audiences amazed at his enthusiasm to stay fit and healthy.
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tigerPhoto Credit: instagram/tigerjackieshroff

Being well trained in martial arts, Tiger Shroff admires Bruce Lee who is his idol. He takes inspiration from him and keeps himself in the perfect shape. His well-toned body is not something he’s achieved overnight. He has been continuously and consistently worked towards this. He is passionate about
gym-workouts, dancing and football which was his forte since childhood. The flexibility and elasticity that we admire in his dance performances comes from kickboxing and gymnastics.
His weekly gym workout plan is divided according to various body parts like chest, back, abs, shoulders, legs. He never misses out a single day at gym as fitness has always been his first love. According to him, fitness is a combination of muscular strength, body composition, flexibility, muscular endurance and cardio vascular endurance.

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tigerPhoto Credit: instagram/tigerjackieshroff

Tiger Shroff workouts includes a mix of martial arts and gymnastics. He also works on some filmi-fighting to improve his flexibility and alertness. The classes commence with stretching and running which are later followed by practicing leaps, high kicks and splits.

According to his trainer Rajinder Dhole, Shroff’s body is a combination of discipline, hard work and the good genes from his beautiful parents. He works out 7 days a week taking no breaks or holidays. He keeps changing the workout every four months which helps him keep motivated.

CommentsHis diet is a combination of egg whites, oatmeal, dry fruits; brown rice with chicken or fish / boiled vegetables; protein shakes (which he consumes before gym for better results); fish, broccoli divided between breakfast, lunch and dinner. He basically consumes food rich in proteins and takes vitamin supplements as the gym workout demands the same. He usually prefers to have a high-fibre content in his diet. He also includes fat cutting food in his diet as well like garlic paste and green tea with a dash of lemon.
tiger shroffPhoto Credit: instagram/officialtigershroff
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Unlike other celebrities, Tiger Shroff does not consume alcohol or cigarettes which keep him healthy in all aspects. Tiger Shroff revealed during his chat with Karan Johar on Koffee with Karan recently that not only does he maintain a very strict diet, he also stays away from any of the usual vices like smoking and drinking. He sticks to his fitness routine and makes sure he doesn’t miss a single session. Despite a hectic schedule and long shooting hours, he if off to bed at 10 o’clock every night and wakes up at 6 am every morning no matter what. His discipline and dedication leave us all motivated!

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