Impress Your Guests With Channar Payesh (Paneer Rabdi) - A Delicious Bengali Dessert 

Neha Grover  |  Updated: April 22, 2019 19:45 IST

Impress Your Guests With Channar Payesh (Paneer Rabdi) - A Delicious Bengali Dessert 
  • Bengali food is particularly famous for its sweet treats
  • Channar payesh is rabdi made with paneer
  • Watch this easy-to-make recipe of paneer rabdi

Our country is a melting pot of diverse religions and cultures, which gives us the benefit of trying different cuisines, originating from the various parts of the country. Bengali cuisine is one such cuisine, which is relished by all - Bengalis and non-Bengalis both. The bevy of rich, flavourful Bengali dishes gives a whole new experience and fills our heart with the joy of eating. Bengali food is particularly famous for its sweet treats. We have all gorged on roshogullas and kheer kadam and loved them to the hilt. If you also love Bengali desserts or have been wanting to try them for a long time, here's one dish you should definitely have - channar payesh. 

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Channar payesh is a unique version of rabdi. Rabdi has been a regular dessert item in all households, and is commonly made with rice. Many people like to make it with fruits of their choice to lend that distinct sweet flavour. However, paneer rabdi is somewhat unheard of. Channar Payesh is a Bengali speciality that is made with fresh cottage cheese dunked in thick, condensed milk. You can amp it up by adding other ingredients or essence, though it tastes just fine as is. This creamy, toothsome dessert is bound to win your hearts and please your sweet tooth. 


Ananya Banerjee, a popular YouTube vlogger, specialising in Bengali food, dishes out an easy-to-make recipe of channar payesh on her channel 'Chef Ananya Banerjee'. Take a look - 

Channar Payesh or Paneer Rabdi Recipe - 

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Channer payesh can be made with homemade cottage cheese also. Paneer takes less time to cook as compared to rice. So, this should be your go-to recipe when guests arrive unannounced for dinner. Serve them the delectable paneer rabdi as dessert - hot or cold - and impress them with your culinary talent. 


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