Move Over Dahi Bhalla, Here Are 4 Dahi Recipes You Have To Try Today (Video Inside)

Dahi or curd is wonderful, refreshing and also incredibly versatile as an ingredient. Here are some yummy Dahi recipes to try today!

Aditi Ahuja  |  Updated: February 22, 2021 18:18 IST

  • Dahi is known to boost immunity and good gut health
  • The refreshing milk product also acts as a versatile ingredient
  • Here are some Indian recipes which you can try today

Is there anything as remotely refreshing and versatile as curd? The humble probiotic lends itself to thousands of culinary preparations across the country. Dahi Puri to Dahi ki Phulki, Dahi Bhalle to Dahi Papdi Chaat - curd can be used as a cooling agent as well as a flavourful ingredient. The slightly sour tinge of curd goes well with a variety of Indian recipes which are relatively less explored. Gravies prepared with yogurt as the base have a light and flavourful edge which is incomparable to anything else. These lip-smacking Dahi recipes make for the perfect companion for hot summer days, when you are not in the mood to stand in the kitchen all day and do some heavy cooking.


Dahi or curd can be incorporated in a number of dishes other than Dahi Bhalla also. 

Dahi Bhalle is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exploring recipes made with curd. There are countless dishes that use Dahi as a flavouring agent or one of the primary ingredients. Whether you make Dahi at home or purchase it from a local dairy, the array of flavours that Dahi can bring to the palate are so unique! Further, Dahi is loaded with good bacteria which are important for gut health and immunity. These are some Dahi recipes that are beneficial for good health and super easy to whip up.


Here Are 4 Dahi Recipes To Try Today:

1. Dahi Wale Karele

Crisp Karela pieces paired with a spicy yogurt-based curry, this Dahi wale Karele recipe will make you rethink the bitter gourd like never before!

2. Dahi Ke Aloo

Your love for the starchy tuber would be incomplete if you haven't tried the Dahi ke Aloo recipe. It is made with a drool-worthy tomato-curd gravy and a spicy Hing-Jeera tadka.

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Dahi Aloo is a delicious recipe which can be easily prepared at home. 

3. Dahi Wali Lauki

Dahi Wali Lauki makes for a quick and easy preparation which is ready in a matter of minutes. The use of onions, saunf and shallow-fried Lauki bits in this recipe makes it a dish that will always stand out.

4. Dahi Chicken

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Chicken lovers are in for a surprise with this recipe! Chicken pieces marinated in assorted spices and a delicious tomato-onion gravy, it doesn't get better than this.

Click on the link here for the full recipe videos of these dishes. You can also find the full video at the top of this article.


Happy Cooking!

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