The Instant Noodles Challenge: How Much Can You Chow Down?

 , NDTV  |  Updated: June 03, 2015 17:23 IST

The Instant Noodles Challenge: How Much Can You Chow Down?
Thanks to the ongoing Maggi Noodles controversy, every little mention of 'instant noodles' causes heartache. While most of us are trying really hard to stay away from the two-minute snack, a woman in another part of the world was spotted relishing 6 pounds of instant noodles!

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The video features a Japanese woman taking the 'Big Eater Challenge' wherein she gobbles down a mammoth platel of instant noodles weighing almost 3 kilograms.


Looking at the petite girl, it is impossible to believe she can consume such a huge portion all by herself. In fact, while watching the video, you are almost convinced that she would give up any second. But much to everyone's surprise, she goes on and on and you soon discover her indispensable love for noodles as well as mayo, which she keeps on slathering all over to help her shove down the noodles.

The video starts with her making about 10 packets of instant noodles by mixing the spices and seasonings together and dressing it up with lots of mayonnaise. What amazes us the most is the fact that she keeps at it till the very end and right after pulling off this great feat, she shows us the giant empty bowl - all clear! - with a bright smile and a super happy demeanor.

If you think this was the first and the last try for her, think again! Her YouTube channel is flooded with similar food challenges that she takes up and nails to perfection each and every time. Another video features her with a friend trying out all possible McDonald's products at the same time.

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This little Japanese missy who enjoys her meals jumbo-sized has an enormous following on YouTube. The current video has got close to 5 lakh views and has gone viral. While we have our eyes set on her next mammoth meal, let us know what you think of this.

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