This Low Fat, Sugar-Free Strawberry Pudding Will Satiate All Your Dessert Cravings

A pudding is a gooey, decadent sweet treat that none of us can resist! Here's a low fat, sugar-free pudding packed with the goodness of chia seeds, so you don't have to resist indulging while on a weight-loss diet.

Aanchal Mathur  |  Updated: April 03, 2020 17:23 IST

This Low Fat, Sugar-Free Strawberry Pudding Will Satiate All Your Dessert Cravings

Decadent, delicious, easy and healthy, this strawberry pudding is all this and more.

  • Pudding is a comforting ad satiating sweet treat
  • While it is delicious, it can hamper with your diet plans
  • Here is a low fat pudding recipe that you can try at home

Picture a creamy, thick and gooey pudding, beautifully layered in a jar topped with fresh fruits! Wouldn't you want to simply nosh it all up? A decadent pudding is a comfort food that nothing else can ever match. Be it a satisfying chocolate pudding or a rich nutty one or simply a fruit pudding - one cannot stop at one bite of the beautiful dessert. But do you feel guilty even thinking about it and how it can hamper your weight loss diet?

Well, that's what most of us struggle with while drooling over such guilty pleasures. Puddings, complete with milk and sugar, are full of fat and carbs, and that can derail you from achieving your weight-loss goals. But does that mean you cannot gorge on the mouth-watering treat at all?

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We've got you covered! A smooth and decadent strawberry pudding is a low-fat, sugar-free dessert that is packed with the goodness of chia seeds. According to 'Healing Foods' by DK Publishing House, chia seeds are a powerhouse of protein and also help in boosting the metabolism rate of the body, further felicitating weight loss.

The strawberry chia seeds pudding is a delicious mix of low fat milk, chia seeds, strawberries and star anise. The addition of star anise brings a unique flavour to the dish. The spice is also known for its many medicinal properties including fighting flu and coughs.


Find the recipe of strawberry chia seed pudding here; try at home and let us know the experience in the comments section below.


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