Weight Loss Diet: 3 Easy Quinoa Recipes You Can Try At Home To Shed Extra Kilos

Quinoa has been hailed as a wonder grain that has countless health benefits. One of them being protein-rich and a great help in weight loss. Here are 3 quinoa recipes you can try at home that might help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Aanchal Mathur  |  Updated: January 11, 2020 14:50 IST

Weight Loss Diet: 3 Easy Quinoa Recipes You Can Try At Home To Shed Extra Kilos
  • Quinoa is a superfood that has long been credited for its many benefits
  • High in protein, quinoa has often been linked to help in weight loss
  • Here are three ways you can include quinoa in your diet for weight loss

Superfoods have been ruling the world of food and nutrition for the past few years now. Health enthusiasts have been raving about countless benefits of certain superfoods that are not going away anytime soon. One such superfood is - quinoa. Nutritionists across the globe have been vouching for this whole grain that is power-packed with essential nutrients required by the human body. Grain-like seed that can be cooked like rice, quinoa has gained massive popularity for being exceptionally nutrient-dense. It is of the best protein-rich whole grains for weight loss; a 100gm serving of quinoa contains 14gm of protein and 7gm of fibre, as per the USDA nutritional data.

Ample amount of protein in quinoa gives vegetarians, who often find themselves with dearth of options, an excellent plant-based source of protein in their diet. Both protein and fibre have properties that induce satiety that further control hunger pangs. And, if you thought quinoa is all about health and boring diet-friendly recipes, we have a surprise for you. Quinoa is a versatile pseudo-grain that can be easily included in a number of dishes you cook at home. Crunchy and flavourful, quinoa is all you need when you start your weight-loss journey.

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Here are 3 of the best quinoa recipes from our archive that you can easily try at home and include in your weight-loss diet.


Here is a vibrant, light and flavourful quinoa recipe that can be your go-to salad for weight loss. With onions, purple cabbage, orange, coconut and avocados, all mixed in with the quinoa, this salad is no less that a vibrant burst of colours and flavours, which is extremely fresh and simply irresistible with the tang of lime.



Barley, beetroot and quinoa - if this doesn't sound like the perfect balance of nutrition and flavour, what else will? A vegan salad with the goodness of these three wholesome ingredients tossed together with a tangy lime dressing, apples and vinaigrette, is a delightful treat. What's more? It is served on a bed of arugula leaves giving a beautiful look to the dish.

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Nutty, flavourful and refreshing, quinoa sauteed with nutrient-rich veggies such as zucchini, bell peppers, beans and onion along with apricots, makes for a wonderful meal for weight-loss diet. One can cook this quick and easy quinoa recipe for lunch or a simple snack.

Even though, quinoa is valued as a source of dietary protein, as it contains all nine essential amino acids; we suggest you to consult a nutritionist for a meal plan that includes quinoa in your diet to fully optimise its benefits. You can also let us know your ideas of incorporating quinoa in a diet in the comments section below.


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