Winter Skincare: Drink Up Almond-Spinach Juice For Nourished, Supple Skin

Besides proper hydration, what plays a major role in nourishing the skin-health from within is seasonal produce. Several nutrient-rich winter fruits and vegetables may help regain the glow on your skin.

Somdatta Saha  |  Updated: November 24, 2020 13:55 IST

Winter Skincare: Drink Up Almond-Spinach Juice For Nourished, Supple Skin

This almond-spinach juice is ideal for overall health

  • Drink enough water for a nourished and hydrated skin.
  • Consume seasonal produce for healthy living.
  • Loaded with vitamins, both spinach and almond are great for skin health.

Come winters and our face lose its sheen and radiance. It is that time of the year when the nippy weather casts a dry spell on our skin and lips, leaving then dull, flaky and chapped. No amount of lotion or balm can make it look smooth and hydrated. If you are wondering what can be the possible mistake in your daily ritual, then a prompt reply will be a reduction in water intake. Our tendency to drink less water during winters often leaves our skin dry and dull. For the unversed, several studies across the world have proved that daily intake of adequate water helps to flush out the toxins and promote blood circulation that leads to natural glow in our skin.

Besides proper hydration, what plays a major role in nourishing the skin-health from within is seasonal produce. There are several nutrient-rich winter fruits and vegetables that may help regain the glow on your skin. Hence, experts always recommend inclusion of carrot, beetroot, orange, pomegranate etc in your daily meal for a skin-healthy diet. One such super nutritious winter food is spinach.

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Spinach is one of the healthiest leafy greens for nourished skin

Spinach For Healthy Skin | Benefits Of Spinach:

This leafy green is a storehouse of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties etc. that do wonders for overall health. From promoting weight loss to boosting immunity and managing heart health - the list of its benefits goes really long!

It also contains vitamin C, which as per a study (published in the Indian Dermatology Online Journal), prevents skin from oxidative stress, inflammation and synthesizes collagen.

The vitamin E found in spinach helps in cleansing and protecting skin from ageing, dryness, dark spots etc. According to Dr. Manoj Ahuja, Radiologist, "Vitamin E brings a balance in the free radicals travelling throughout the body that further prevents oxidative stress and improve skin and hair health." Moreover, vitamin A in spinach protects our skin from various bacterial and viral effects.

Considering the above factors, we bring you a spinach juice that not only helps you hydrate but also promotes healthy skin. The best part is it also includes the benefits of almonds, which are a treasure-trove of nutrients. Almonds are packed with vitamin E that keeps our skin wrinkle-free, soft and glowing. Eat it or apply it, almonds just do well for your skin.

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Almonds are loaded with vitamin E which promotes skin health

Here's The Recipe Of Almond-Spinach Juice For Healthy Skin:


2 cups spinach leaves

Half cup soaked almonds, peeled

Black salt, as per taste

Honey, if needed

Lime juice, as per taste



Step 1. Add spinach, water and soaked almonds in a juicer and blend. Add water according to the consistency of the juice you want.

Step 2. Pour it in a glass and add black salt, honey and lime juice.

Step 3. Stir well and drink.

Include this juice in your diet and make the winter healthy and glowing for you!

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