This Environment-Friendly Ice Cream Made From Insects Is Going Viral. Will You Try It?

A new startup is replacing milk in ice cream with EntoMilk, which is extracted from insects. The ice cream is protein-rich and environment friendly!

Aditi Ahuja  |  Updated: January 29, 2020 12:41 IST

This Environment-Friendly Ice Cream Made From Insects Is Going Viral. Will You Try It?

This startup in South Africa uses ice cream made from insects which is gaining popularity.

  • Ice creams with milk are now passe as a startup invented insect ice cream
  • This ice cream is made from EntoMilk, derived from the black soldier fly
  • There are three flavours available, chocolate, peanut butter & spices

Crazy, unheard of foods come and go every now and then; but sometimes the trends actually may have more to them than just being plain bizarre. It is important to move towards sustainability when it comes to food production, and there are several new studies and lots of research being done in the same respect. A start-up based in Cape Town, South Africa, called Gourmet Grubb has invented an ice cream, which is lactose and gluten free, and is actually nutrient rich in itself. Wondering how that's possible? It's because the milk used in the ice cream is actually extracted from insects.

EntoMilk is an alternative to dairy products that is made by blending the larvae of the black soldier fly. Although it may not sound appetising, the ice cream itself is said to be rich and creamy with an earthy taste. What's more - EntoMilk is also five times more protein-rich than its regular counterpart. There are a couple of ice cream flavours that the South Africa-based company has introduced in its outlet like chocolate, peanut butter and Christmas spices.

Gourmet Grubb was founded in 2017, and according to the start-up, the insect milk-based ice cream is actually not just a healthier alternative but also more environmentally sustainable. Insects do not require as much resources to grow and breed as their other animal counterparts. The founder of Gourmet Grubb, Leah Bessa explained to the media that they had expected a lot of push back but people are open-minded and interested in trying this new kind of ice cream. They hope that the demand and market for insect-based alternatives would be sustainable environmentally and for the diet too.

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